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Full Explanation of the Meaning of Life

A full guide to the meaning of life, with both the scientific and spiritual reasons explained.
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With many searching for the meaning of life and what we are here for, perhaps I should explain. As I have been researching this since I was 8 years old and now have almost a full answer.
Although I have read many religious books; the answer is only partially explained within them.
One of the main reasons comes from science, yet has been overlooked by many. First the universe was created, as many things don't make logical sense, from an evolution perspective. Some of these include why there is a mathematical formula with in atomic structure. Within atoms there are quarks and these also have a structure. Now if the universe did come from a big bang this would not be possible, even after millions of years; as they say. As for all of this to exist from a big bang, the chances are immeasurable, as what would happen is atoms would maybe form, yet it would be chaotic and we wouldn't be able to define it mathematically, as it would be random. Yet it isn't chaotic, now that occurs on the smallest level of existence.
The next part is having explained the fabric of the universe has a system in which to work within. This also then applies to life its self; this may seem obvious, yet we are missing the largest point.
You see since the universe was created, what were we made for? Well if you wanted to make sure that plants got watered, and to move water from place to another. you would make walking bags of water. Have you ever thought why do you leak? You need to drink 8-9 pints of water a day, why? Well you can say to clean your system out, yet why if everything was created and has a logical system, do we need to leak? You would think that when we were created we would be made not to need this and self contain the water we need. Even in the whole idea of evolution, they say that we evolved from a sea creature. Which is the reason why, yet if this was the case we would still have evolved to have self contained water. Well here is the bit that makes it all make sense, you see we don't just eat and drink to take the energy out of it; our bodies convert the food we eat into food for plants. Plants need nitrates and phosphates to grow; our waste we put out contains nitrates and phosphates; manure is compost.
I once saw a documentary how the jungle functions, and how energy is recycled; it showed how leaves fall from the trees. These leaves are then eaten by creatures, the waste of these creatures is then semi turned into soil. Then a smaller creature eats this and this again comes out as waste. This process continues until the original leaf has become soil. The energy of that leaf is put back into the soil. Then at the very end of the process, it showed how there is a microscopic fungus, which absorbs this energy. Then the trees join to this fungus and take the energy back into the tree. The tree uses this energy and grows new leaves; so the whole process makes a full circle. Now for scientist to say this evolved is preposterous, as this whole process works perfectly. Everything is accounted for so no energy is lost and each level of the process gets what it needs. Now we are supposed to be part of this circle of life as well.
Another documentary I saw, on how the jungle is not such a chaotic mess, as we believe. Yet what happens is there are bogs; which contain high mineral content, large animals go to these bogs as a meeting place and for mineral rich food. As they walk from one bog to the next, they eat the fruit trees. As they walk between bogs; this is gotten rid of as waste, with the seeds from the fruit trees in the waste. Now the waste contains nitrates and phosphates, which act as fertiliser and compost for the seed. These then grow along these path ways; through the jungle between bogs. So the whole jungle has roads connecting these bogs together with fruit trees growing along the sides of them. Can you understand what this means? If we lived the same as originally stated in the beginning of the Bible, that we eat the seed bearing plants; the whole of the world could be covered in fruit trees. As we climb the fruit trees to collect fruit, we break the old branches; so these to can go back into the soil and continue this circle of life.
There are many parts to this whole circle as well, we breathe out carbon dioxide; which plants need to grow, plants breathe out oxygen which we need it to breathe; a perfect circle which we are part of. Now this system is extremely resistant to change, yet it is also is very finely balanced; as we are now discovering as the worlds climate changes. One major reason for this and the sea levels rising is that trees hold a lot of water. As we chop down the trees for wood; the sea rises as the water contained in the trees is released. We also chop down large forest areas for grazing land and farming. Yet this does not contain the same amount of water, as a tree would.
If you look at any animal that is designed to eat meat; it has large canine teeth we don't. in fact our bodies find it hard to absorb meat. Especially the proteins contained in meat, fruit does contain proteins, yet we need to eat more of them. At the moment due to the fact, we don't have as many fruit trees as we could; the cost of living on fruit is high. Yet if we all did, as is apparent from where we fit into the circle of life and just ate fruit the whole earth, could be a massive orchard with fruit everywhere. There would be no starvation and problems with the climate changing, as people could all take part in this and by simply eating the fruit and distributing new seeds; everyone would have enough. Also trees produce ozone and so the climate would readjust its self, and the ozone layer would be fixed.
Now what is the meaning of life then, now I have established a purpose for us within the whole system of nature! We can begin to look at the religious side of things, as this is the purpose of existence on a whole. We are here to learn about Oneness, as I have just said nature is oneness. It works in a complete circle "O", as the name Oneness suggests. Heaven is oneness, within many of Christ parables he refers to the harvest and vine yard, the earth doesn't just need people farming spirit. Yet also farming the world, when it says we are given dominion over earth, dominion also means to look after, as a king would; if he has a kingdom.
Now why create something, just too simply exist, we have children to continue this circle yet why?
As how can people be tested and given the chance to learn, what it means to be part of oneness, without? How can we begin to understand the essence of God, without being creators our selves, as in making a new life between us? Growing nature and understanding the beauty contained within all of this, of the feelings involved in the success of something you have made. Then loving this and teaching it wisdom as God has done with us.
There is no devil as such; apposed to God as God made all and sees all. where could it hide, as God is creator of everything how would a force apposed to God make it self. It didn't; we made it! We are made like God; with the ability to create.
The devil is within man, a better way to describe this is EGO. As opposed to Oneness, is mans Ego as the two are opposite. This is also the difference between heaven and Sheol (hell, the depths) as heaven is Oneness, learning to live as one with all. Ego is learning to make one's self better then all, and to be only concerned with what matters to ones self. The best saying to describe this is "the good of many out weighs the good of one". The whole essence of what I am saying is that when Christ says "on earth as it is in heaven" means to live in oneness; as heaven is oneness. Then we can have peace and contentment as at the moment the ego we are producing, is slowly getting worse and destroying what God has made. Not that the devil is causing all of this, yet our selves and our stubbornness to accept, that we are part of the great circle of life and take responsibility for our actions.
We need nature like a baby needs its mother, when in the womb. The two are connected with out this connection the baby dies. This will be the same with us soon, as without nature we die. The more we disrupt this connection, the harder we make it for our self's; like when a baby twists the umbilical cord. A lot of times, if something isn't done the baby dies as it starves. We can fix this and it will take all of us to do so! As we are all children in our mother's womb i.e. mother earth. When we are born within what I am saying, we enter the real part of the universe and the spirit realm. Those who don't take too much from the mother, eventually help her and become part of oneness (the family of God). Those who take too much can kill the mother in the process of birth, and die when they are born; as they didn't live at one with the mother.
Oneness is the same here, as it is in heaven; heaven has different levels of enlightenment. The 1st is unconditional love for all, people who have made it there, have realised we are all one family; and that God is the father and center of the family. That no matter where people come from or who they are; you should love them as God does. This means Helping and giving to people, as if it is your own family and children i.e. Oneness (one us). Originally this was far easier to see as we lived similar to most mammals still do, in tribes where everyone leaned on each other. There was no taking to much, as you would be taking from your own family; if you did so. This is still possible to achieve within this life and something all of us are searching for with out really knowing what. When we do live as a family, we feel content being surrounded by love; just giving and not worrying about receiving is the way of heaven. Now when people understand this within this life they may join heaven and be part of eternal life. Without knowing this there is no way in as heaven is perfect. Nothing that takes for its self can enter heaven, as it would disrupt the entire balance.
Now I hope you can see from what I am describing this too can be achieved here. The only thing that stands in the way of this is ego, yet through love ego can be dissolved. As ego is only a plastic shell; we make to protect our selves. Yet when we have unity and love there is no need. At the moment many people don't know that ego produces ego and ego is hell. A large contributing factor to this is self righteousness as this is a form of ego. So those with this won't be entering heaven and instead are producing more ego here as it can cause an opposite reaction. Telling someone they are bad, and how good you are; doesn't cause them to change for the better most of the time. It causes hurt, and so the person protects them selves by making there own ego. The way to get someone to change is through example by showing unconditional love to someone; that person sees it as a light, especially when they are already hurt and feel in the dark. The person then wants to have this light as they see it as something warm and so they learn to adept it into them self's. This is basically reiterating the principles of many great teachers, Buddha, Yeshua to name a few. Yet also including what heaven is, so you can see the purpose of what they were saying.
This brings me on to the next level of enlightenment in heaven, the place where all of these great teachers reside. This level is wisdom, yet not wisdom to be above others; yet humble in approach like a father with its child. The only way to teach a child properly is through love. Now the great teachers have encompassed unconditional love in all senses, and given up of them selves and gone helping people. First with there basic human needs above all and next teaching wisdom without ego. Its like with a child; you don't shout instructions to get it to do something; you bring your self to their level and explain in a way they will understand. This is the final level of enlightenment, very few have reached it; and even fewer, even know it is there.
So here you have the meaning of life, lets not destroy what has been made; in the process of making our egos bigger. We all can take part in it, everyone can plant trees, and everyone can show unconditional love to others. Everyone can tend to nature and this world can be paradise like it once was; before our egos spoiled it.

On earth as it is in Heaven!

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