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One Song

Trying to explain the Anti-Christ/Dajjal in one poem for everyone to understand.
Write a poem,
Spell it out;
Easy to understand,
Without a doubt.
A message,
A mystery,
With lots of history;
A clear picture,
With lots of scripture.
Now don't run away,
From that word;
Stay and learn it's not absurd.
Three frogs to explain,
Take away the pain;
Pharisees reign,
From their campaign.
John Nicodemus and Nicolaitans are one,
Sorry if you've got the wrong song;
Yet the vocabulary is all wrong.
Paul contradicts,
Every word conflicts;
In all aspects,
Doctrine infects.
Simon was a 'Stone',
How could he condone;
Thus why disowned.
'peter' is the same,
With a hidden name;
Yeshua was sure,
From what he saw,
Within the core.
Listen to the mystery written,
It's easy when partitioned,
Even with additions.
Simon preached,
Yet look what he teached,
Question his speech;
Heaven will never accept a leach,
Who tries to breach.
It's not good news,
Instead it should give us the blues;
As all we did was lose.
Zechariah eleven,
Explains the leaven;
For a sacrifice wasn't paid,
It's a divorce degree waylaid.
Inheritance and grace are gone,
The Covenant is a bygone;
There is no free coupon.
Zechariah three verse nine,
Fills in the rhyme;
Yeshua was his name,
Now there is no blame.
'jesus' means 'lord of the beasts',
Seriously get released;
From what you think you've leased,
As you'll see when deceased,
As acceptance ceased.
Please ask if unsure,
As don't be a whore;
Really do implore,
As it is about to even the score.
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 Re: One Song

Posted: 2012/7/20 8:55  Updated: 2012/7/20 8:55


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From: Nottingham, UK
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✞ Our heart bleeds from the day born,
If could shout, would have sworn;
Yet its not in our making,
Whilst not forsaking,
Its time to know,
that its about to show.
If could tell it more clear,
Without the fear,
Then would not missteer;
yet many are insincere.
So what to say,
When its nearly the day,
Pretend its not this way,
And allow for delay,
Or openly say judgement day. ✡