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Questioning Attention

A Poem About How People Like to Feel Shock, Before Skill
Tags: Attention  Alarm  Humanity  Sociology 
Poem of circus fuss,
Where people love that which cussed:
Like when a clown performs,
It's what alarms, warms;
Yet when a juggler flows,
It feels slow?
Like how can it be so?
When a lion pounces,
The crowd announces;
Yet with tame and plain,
No flame and slain,
The crowd doesn't exclaim?
Instead disdain,
Slowly proclaim,
For the lion to bring pain,
Or at least entertain;
So all can reclaim,
Something not mundane.
So to shock is the cause,
Yet why the knock or the pause,
Perhaps a mental block;
Where we can't undo the lock?
Recognizing the skill,
Instead of want the kill.
Learning not to applaud,
Because it breaks the clause;
But rather it implores,
To do something more.
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 Re: Questioning Attention

Posted: 2013/3/5 11:32  Updated: 2013/3/8 9:06


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This is something that was like a mess, which is able to draw in the mind of his readers by Lewis Carroll. It looks very cool. For me, the circus that's it so almost always predstavet. That's why I do not go there, at best, for the sake of her daughter looked at tricks. But .. as it is, the verse was very unusual.