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The 12 fruits of the tree of life; as Parables.

Since this is my problem and finally after all these many life times, I think we got it now thanks to the divine teacher.
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As parable it goes like this...

If an oak tree takes 30 years to grow, to be big enough to spread its fruit far enough and well enough that the seeds it drops has the distance needed to receive enough light.
After this period of time as an oak, imagine the wind that was there and all the birds that eat of you left, and the more you impatiently expected it, the less happened.
So you begin to question your self and God about why not?
Then it hits you, how dare you!
As you have been provided for all that time with water, sun and life in which to live!
So what right do you then have, to demand that your fruit be heard?
None as in every movement there is a time, and if you waited you would see that, as to demand that your fruit drops, is to totally disrespect for even being given the light to grow, in the first place in which to drop the fruit or the space in life in which to live.

So this is me, and though this is also for all to hear, this is a problem I still haven't fully dealt with.
As I hear it in me, and when someone questions me, over expecting in something else.
It broke my heart and made me realize it still is a problem in me, we have now figured out.
As yes I do expect people to read and listen; yet I do also expect people to pass on Chinese whispers as if truth; as that is just a natural cause of our society and can't be helped... Unless we all see it is there!
So this is what the site is about, as yes many prophets have spoken and many have taught in different ways, yet the true already sit heaven and so can you, if you try, there are no easy path's.
You see each angel must know these things to get into heaven, and not demand of others, as all it does is the opposite of planned!
You see the wind stops blowing, the birds don't come not even a squirrel that use to rest in your branches.

So what happened to the oak tree to fix it?
It gave up, it stopped expecting God to do it for me as "I' demanded and just waited, as soon as that release of EGO the tree had got left?.
God heard and saw again as God can't look at darkness which is EGO so all the connection goes.
So then the breeze came like magic and softly spoken, taking the acorns across the way to grow and finish the circle that had started such a long time ago.

So what is all of that?
Don't expect it!
It is desire;
And desire causes EGO!
This in turn causes more hell;
Less heaven!
So if you are going to be a teacher as the oak, then you to must learn this and teach yet do not be determined, you will change them? your seed will never drop like that.

If you share light it helps with out EGO contained and then because that bridge is opened to God... It allows it into the person's heart.

Otherwise it just alienates them. Expecting they will listen as you tell them they must listen to your fruit.

Can you imagine and oak saying to the squirrel come here and bury these for me?

It just wouldn't and couldn't happen and very much like all of us are doing at the moment!

The whole race has this as diseases, all these peoples, who think they know so much and push it over others.

So let go forget about pushing, your seeds and fruit and stop!
Be in the love of God first, and then others will see this!
Grow your self 1st and understand your self, then the rest of it will fall in too place, if you let the light of God guide you, not your own light.

If everyone took this on board and understood this, then yes people would teach,
Yet no they wouldn't preach and make it out of reach! As yes, they can tell you it grows, yet does their fruit show?

For each would then show through example; as then you are doing the principle that an oak must do and through this people will then learn.

Also remember for all who stand shouting at God for not getting fruit, which in fact then the sun even went in; within the parable when shouting at God, and then you can't even grow... so how will you ever get fruit like that, or help spread fruit?

Next with in all this is the parable is two fold; as I was told last night and within every creature there is an age, in which for childhood.
Which as in the oak are 30 as how can it cover to protect another tree, until it is big enough to cope and stop the winds?
How can a female tree hold fruits until its branches, are large enough to cope with holding the babies, in its branches acorns are heavy?
Also the oak doesn't stop growing its roots (mind) at any point it always seeks more, if the oak didn't soon it wouldn't have any new food and suffocate its self after long.
Can you imagine, thinking it had got it!
Then sitting there with same small roots, how you will grow tall and not fall?

So instead use all that God has given you, and help others in the process. By taking in from your roots and learning as much different food source as possible it help your growth and you to remain strong so you can help others! If you sense it is bad for your growth don't force your to eat it, this mean TV radio commercial advertising as we currently use propaganda, ploy techniques that are producing more desire and ego, making people unhappy and discontent with them self's.
You then need to be active as with out, you have "know' new buds!
That make you grow on a whole as plant, and the way our mind develops naturally like a tree as we are describing; scientifically which then effects health as well of the plant on a whole!
As from you doing new things, you have more energy to allow more root growth and take more in.
Artificial light produced by monitors and TV's can act as replacement yet it isn't and the plant stop, until it withers away as without knew growth the plants roots won't Grow.

There are many other trees and Species. The oak is connected to these on a symbiotic level where all is connected; it feels what is around it through its roots connected to a microscopic fungus that tells it what others are doing.
Now imagine this oak sees a bit of the light and grows into that space making its own choice to do so. What has that oak just done? It has suffocated its own children through its stupidity, as yes it knew how to grow, yet the oneness has divine plan set in motion and where the space was; is intended for its child. Yet the oak didn't know that as it was just seeing the light and thinking for its self. If the oak had remained still and grown in its own space, Then that oak would have flourished and blossomed even more so then allowing a safe shelter for all of its children to grow in and guarding all of nature as well as intended.
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