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A Democratic Oneness Religion Evolution

Defining a new universal system, that we already call Oneness.
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Theological Oneness

In many of the world's religions, Oneness is the ultimate goal; it is a definition of what Heaven is, and is the essence of our reality. We all seek Oneness in many different ways: We attend gatherings, as we want to find some sense of community. At a biological level, we create a connection with others, so that we can reproduce a part of ourselves within that Oneness. People feel a sense of awe when in nature, from the connection to a Oneness within everything. There feels an empty space within us, that though we try to fill it with different activities, it doesn't fully make us content - as we seek to feel One.

Religious Oneness

The many different religions around the world are all trying to describe the same reality, and create an ethical society, that can live together in harmony. The issue of religions fighting, is not recognizing that we need to unite the concepts, and then look for a universal consensus, that we all can agree to, where there is then a more moral social ethical system. There is no good having different ethical systems for each religious culture - as we're one world living together, and we need the same policies globally, for us all not to offend each other.

Political Oneness

Currently the world has been taught that a republic is a democracy, and that we've got a right to vote for people to represent our thoughts on topics; the problem with this is, it takes the right of the individual away, making it that we feel we don't have a choice to affect real change, and that our life has a grand sense of Oneness, by feeling that we're all involved in the process together.

Scientific Oneness

We exist inside a system all made out of quantum physics, where we're all made from the same - which means there is a Oneness amongst all of us. The Fibonacci sequence is interwoven into the whole of reality: where a snail shell, a wave in the ocean, a galaxy spiral, and our finger print is all a Golden Spiral - showing that there is a central Source to all the mathematics. The Periodic table is a mathematical matrices - showing that our whole reality has mathematical structuring. So we're all different calculations in a Universal Symphony; we're all part of that same music/maths, and thus we all exist within the same Oneness.
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