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Why God Exists as 0neness

A quick explanation of why God exists as Zero, before the Oneness of reality was created.
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Because we are physical we think of things being One, as we have a tendency to understand that we exist (1), so we equate everything else the same.

Within my NDE I got to witness that Heaven is a Oneness, a collective conscious singularity with the Source of reality.

Source exists beyond the quantifiable (0neness); where Heaven is still dimensional quantum physics (Oneness).

Some think of God as the Self Existing One, and equate God as "I Am"; yet that is a physical place holder, and that is only the identifiable in our scope of quantifiable.

God doesn't have an "I" as it doesn't have a beginning, and an end; God always was, it is our universe that has a finite existence, due to the nature of things.

Maybe an easier way to express it, is imagine we're all in a universal super computer, where quantum strands are organized by the Source (CPU - 13D) into dimensional quantum physics; before reality was formulated there was just randomness (14D).

Imagine the CPU in the computer system having an 'I', and taking over, as it had to be One, it doesn't, and people have made all sorts of reasoning, for why does God allow evil, and why does God allow suffering - as it isn't a player of the game, it is the observer, and manifester.

The Greeks equate this beginning to reality, that from that Chaos (Nyx - 14D), Uranus (Heaven - 11D+ 12D) was formed, and from there Chronos (Source - 13D) created order; yet where as the Greek ideologies personified it into an ego, it is more complex than that, as these primordial concepts didn't have self.

Source (13D+) exists outside of infinite time (8D), outside of Heaven's unconditional love (11D), and wisdom (12D).

So though we say God is One, within God's infinite scope of none localized physicality, it is everything, and everyone.

If we think everything is contained within God, and if God was full of self, and God's own pursuits of being one, then God would be driven by ego, and attachment to its own being, yet God isn't, God is sustaining us all from an empty space, so that all can be contained in that vast space.

It is like Lao Tzu explained, it is the empty space (0) in a room or a bowl, that makes it useful; if it was full (1), there would be no room for it to be used.

I wrote this sum out: 0 x 1∞ = 1
Which I find fascinating, that within God being 0, the many things x 1∞ together, make the whole Universe (One Verse).

Sorry it has got complex, yet it is the maths of the fabric of reality; an easier way to understand it, is what Buddha started with Nirvana:

Where we all exist within a Oneness, that comes from Heaven's Oneness; where we are focused on a centralized focal point, where we all feel connected.

Source exists as Zeroness (0neness - Nirvana), as it existed before it was all formulated, it doesn't have any need of being, and makes all this for the benefit of the other ones.

Oneness & 0neness are like a flip of a coin: One is the physical that exists, and the Zero is the none physical, that makes it all exist.

Imagine back in the CPU analogy, that in computer code, the players all need an ID, the objects all need an ID; yet the Universal Central Processor, doesn't need an ID, as it is calculating it all, and therefore is separate to the equation of needing to be One.
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