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Here is something that makes us think,
It's that feeling instinct;
Haven't we noticed how fast the feeling goes?
We don't even really feel it in our toes.
It could be called extinct,
As that is how it makes us think;
Especially if we've had a drink,
As then we can't see the links,
When we only rely on our instincts.
We should think in sync,
To flow in how we think;
Then it doesn't bring us all to the brink.
With people we're fonder,
Take time to ponder,
See what is yonder.
Really did they mean it bad,
Were they just feeling sad,
Once they might have made us glad;
Don't treat them like a fad.
Take a second to see,
Maybe they didn't mean to be so Harsh;
That's not really who they are,
It's when they were hurt,
They got a scar,
Which is why we should look far.
Instead of fight,
Because we think we are right.
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wizanda & One love; Copy, Dont Take!
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