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How to Make Decisions using Waters Path

If you have ever come to one of them moments you can't make you mind up on something, maybe a closer look at what your soul is saying to you may help.
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With in any decision there are normally only a couple of options available to us, well after you narrow it down that is; as some times we get so many ideas in our head that this can then blind us to the simplicity of the question to begin with.

Lets say we have two points, one where we are to begin and then our destination.
Now the destination is across country and mountainous terrain to get to the sea, so to get from point A to B we have to choose a path.
We know the ruff direction we are heading, yet this twist and turns, plus what is the easiest route is still to be found.

So to begin with we start on the road, which leads us to the bottom of valley; now whilst walking in the centre of the valley there maybe odd obstacles, such as trees and bushes, yet no major obstacle as the water always seeks the low ground and so has pushed most obstacles along with it in the valley.

Yet being our inquisitive self's, we find the road that has been presented to us as too difficult, plus with no real compass we need a way to give our self's a reference point to work from?
So begin to climb up the mountain to see if it gets any easier, when we can see where we are going. So by climbing up the side of the mountain which looked easier from the valley, as there was less growth on the mountain side then in the valley; yet on getting to the point we finding it not easier, yet much harder as there are obstacles that can also take your life if you fall. So along with climbing up hill, we also must watch our step of where the water was falling into the valley, where it takes rocks and everything off the mountain side with it, so making non solid ground to walk on.

So after getting to the top of the mountain, we can see all the surrounding landscape and then know that we were on the right track to begin with. Only problem now is there is a cliff on the other side that we now must go down again with all the obstacles and difficulties of going up, just faster.

So once returning to the valley on our intended destination, we stayed like it now.

As though we get to see where we are going, one things is very clear, water does not flow up hill and neither should we.
As in almost any question when it is narrowed down to this same journey, then we see we know where we want to get too.
We see the different routes, yet often the mind gets so cluttered with extras variables, that the heart doesn't think.
So this is what the journey is about, the question that presents its self can be as the water in our journey; if the path flows forward, and maybe over obstacles, yet continues along the valley, then that is what your heart wants to be doing and the path will guide you to the end result.
Else you can try climbing up the hill again to see where you are going, yet as you get further out of the valley, the harder you will find it, as water doesn't flow up hill.

So next time you have question narrow it down to points and then see which way your heart pulls, if it flows, then that is the valley and it is easy to feel.
If the path seems to turn sharply and then hide its self from view, then most of the time that will be climbing up hill.

As remember you cant make your self do anything it doesn't want, so though you may choose to climb the mountain at the time at some point the water will always return to the path it must take and you end up coming to the sea, as was the journey we were taking to begin with.
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