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The Parable of the Sands in the Sea

A way to look at life's ups and downs as movements of a rock in the sea
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To begin with we all start from a big rock being God, as all energy in the universe is created manifest and maintained by God.
So to begin with as you fall from being part of the mountain side, you are confronted with a million and one obstacles as you first become part of the ocean.
Most of that is to shape you, for as the rock smashes free of the other rocks it can either let these break it or become more smooth.
You see with no control of where life might take us, we are very much like the rock being smashed around by other rocks and where the tides take us. The skill and why the parable is to realize this and too learn to develop as a pebble would; whilst some just become sand. For if you realize the sea is there to help you, though it may not seem so; it is down to the rock to realize this.
You see when a wave comes and you are aware that it was coming, you can balance your self in advance of it, so on the next push it goes that way you need.
Yet for many of us with current media helping to develop sand and not pebbles it does nothing to help, well that is unless you realize that is also part of the tide and then let that channel you, where it is you need too be, to perfect the art of pebble making.

With everything that happens in your life, it is like rocks smashing or rubbing past each other. If you understand where and why the bounce happened each time and what was taken with it, then slowly you can learn to adept from these.
So rather then carry a big chip on your shoulder which is easier to see as a broken pebble; pick up the pieces and continue as a whole rock.
Many of us forget that we are always the rock and that really we can move the water and not the other way around; yet as I said earlier current media is trying to make us less all the time.
Each one of us has the ability through being a stable rock to others to help make a smooth ocean that is easier to float along in.
Yet when we are already being classed as sand and having not based our trust in the rock to begin with, we have confused our self's.

You see you can not stop being, just what you end up as, is all down to the options you take.
So if someone bumps you, ask your self where and why they have done that, and if required, bump them back to help guide them on to the track they are meant to be on; not to hurt yet to mould.

Yet In all of this be aware of lava, lava is when someone has gotten so tense with the previous experiences it has heated up the rock.
If you look at that in perspective of the ocean, you are pebble or semi pebble floating along a channel on the ocean bed, and you will see the winding and heat given off by said peoples as they change the current.
Things start happening to you that wouldn't normally, now many of us think we can change them fix them; we can't they have to fix them self's.
You can give to much and often loose your self in the process and all you end up doing is feeding the fire with more fuel to be burned.
You see the sea can cool them, being life, yet not if everyone is so busy trying to help them, in fact it is aggravating that rock even more; so heating it even more.
The best is to let them find it them self's, by being solid as a pebble your light shines unto others. When you are broken stone all you do is cause more turmoil your self, as we see if we look at the pebble or rock and the water flow surrounding it (karma).

The end purpose of all of this is to one day end up on the beach as a smooth pebble in the sun; yet to get there require not being broken into sand along the way.

So when we base our trust in sand as hopefully this now finishes, we will always fall short, as the mountain is huge and the sea contain many of it's self's.
So when we declare all are lava to begin, it doesn't help any of us get along, yet on balancing our trust on the rock, we also learn it stands solid against the test of time and doesn't get moved by the ocean, yet instead moves it.
So this is where and what we should also, not to be broken at the first opportunity to quit and hide somewhere in the ocean; hoping no one else will steal the same space; yet as is the ocean and this is sort of showing, of course something will take the space. It is the way an ocean works one feeds the next and shapes the others.
So in trying to hide in a deeper hole then all the rest, when an obstacle does come, it comes twice as hard, as if that pebble falls down that same hole you made your self, it will land on top of you and so blind your way from moving on again, as all need to, to be able to continue rolling with the flow of the ocean.
As is life and what this ocean is for, as who wants a load of broken pebbles on the beach and half attempts at making it across the ocean.
When on the other hand you have group who are so determined to stay apart of the rock, they haven't even remembered or realized they have left to begin with.

There are quite a few of us trying to fill up the broken bits with any chemicals we can find, and clearly this doesn't work. As the sea is a harsh reality; anything that is not natures way, slowly erodes in the ocean, so it is no good trying to glue on broken bit and fill up the cup.
The more you try and fill it, the further it takes you away from your self and whom you are.
As each of them knocks was to teach you to begin with, so if you try tampering to much, you will to end up as lava and get no where as in whom you are meant to be.
The only way to move on, is to understand that the bit broken happened for a reason and then to balance with the waves; so that slowly you understand most situations that you may come across on the ocean bed and then one day make it to the beach as a pebble where you belong.
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