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Ego is Sin, Let the Story Begin

Do we Live in Purgatory, a Message Within
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Think we live in purgatory;
Here is a mystery,
Here is the story.
Look at history,
Fights over territory;
With discriminatory,
Almost mandatory,
Ongoing retaliatory.
Contrary derogatory,
Confirms the explanatory.
Not to sound accusatory,
Or inflammatory;
Whilst making it declaratory.
Look at all the gory,
Not with allegory,
Or circumnavigatory;
Painting it all in glory,
Trying to be congratulatory,
When it's worse than a lavatory.
Pondering interrogatory,
Like an observatory,
Looking at things circulatory;
Instead of with absurdity.
Whilst questioning our morality,
Checking our sanity,
Showing insanity;
Which many observe in vanity,
Due to Christianity.
When its self is inhumanity;
Though presented as a standard of humanity,
Thus showing our criminality.
So instead of seeing spirituality,
When we live in such duality;
With constant immorality,
Be originality.
Have some humility,
Be an abnormality;
Instead of an obscenity,
Craving for commonality.
Seeking popularity,
Because of polarity,
Hiding insecurity;
From soul irregularity.
Don't be afraid of unconventionality,
Wanting to be part of the community;
Have some serenity,
Be intellectuality;
Rather than just a calamity,
Trying to fix our own personality.
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