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Our Dynamics

Not to redefine the wheel, yet to correct misplaced wording within psychology and diagnose our soul's existence within the body.
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Soul => (Spirit)
Psyche = Me, Self
(ID) = Mind, Animal/Human Nature
( (Ego) ) = I, Inner/Outer Reflections

Greek -> Psyche = Self, Ego = I

Antahkarana Reiteration

Chitta (memory) can be stored in any level, yet the higher it is, the longer it will be remembered; as the body dies and memories along with it.

Soul ~ Jiva => (Spirit ~ Jivatma)
^Consciousness ~ Cit
Psyche = Me, Self ~ Atman
^Awareness ~ Buddhi
(ID) = Mind, Animal/Human Nature ~ Manas
( (Ego) ) = I, Inner/Outer Reflections ~ Ahamkara
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