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Namaste Anda Poetry

Namaste Anda Poetry
This is for enlightened poetry, In motion, That flows like an ocean. If you know this song, And don't get it wrong, Like golem… In search for the ring. You can have your own column, In the Wiz and a, Oz rhyme, It’s really sublime, Every time. Now this isn’t some drug, That is ate by a slug, Yet a secret in the heart. That all you have to do is start. So open the door, On the forum and thread! If what is heard, Isn’t said in fear, And dread! Then we may hear your call, And as one we may walk tall.
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Spiritual or enlightening poems,
One for free,
to write them here...
Is so easy!
With print and save,
It's not in a cave!
Always free,
As it's charity!
If its good,
As should,
People would?
If you could?
For all to see?
Hear your plea?
Submit instead,
Login and add your dread...
Yet only spiritual life,
Please don't just moan;
About all the strife!
We all see, feel, for real!
So write of love,
Not with a glove,
Things that inspire,
Then we can go higher!
Spiritual poems are what we need!
Give them away to stop the greed,
If we want something good i plead!
For where does it come from,
Yet God indeed,
So don't be deceived.
Pay heed to these words,
Don't think them absurd,
For this is the way,
That every prophet did say.
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