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A Journey

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We think we can hide,
From when we have lied;
Don't we think people have tried?
What happened when they've died,
And brought up and tried?
Could they then hide,
From all that they had been,
And All that they had seen?
How could we have been so mean;
So green.
"If Only I could have foreseen",
We thought we were so clean.
Let's live as we should,
Truly be good.
If this is misunderstood,
Then what may we say;
If we knew the way?
Try to perfect it,
Until the end of our day.
Not to sin,
Not to stray,
Become a star,
As this poem does relay.
So that in all that we say,
We keep the truth;
Help teach the youth.
Give all our love,
In all that is true;
Life is not slavery,
To Mammon for sure.
What are we here for,
To get a bigger car?
Don't make that scar,
So deep in our soul,
Never to fill the hole;
Have some self control,
Then we all might feel whole.
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