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Small GUI application designed for real-time CPU frequency, throttling and load level monitoring and on-the-fly adjustment of the CPU performance level on supported CPU models via processor's power management model-specific registers (MSRs). In automatic management mode it continuously monitors the CPU usage level and dynamically adjusts the CPU frequency, throttle and/or voltage level as needed, realizing the "Performance on Demand" concept.

* Real-time CPU clock and CPU/OS load level determination and monitoring (with optional logging).
* Detection of virtually any form of CPU clock throttling.
* Dynamic on-demand CPU performance state (P-state) transitions via real-time adjustment of CPU multiplier (FID) and/or requested voltage level (VID).
* Dynamic on-demand CPU clock modulation via real-time transitions between CPU clock throttling levels.
* Fine-tuning of advanced CPU-specific power management settings for AMD K7, AMD K8, Intel Pentium M/Centrino platform, Intel Pentium 4 and Xeon, Intel Core Solo/Core Duo/Centrino Duo platform, Intel Core 2, VIA C7 and Transmeta Crusoe/Efficeon CPU families.
* Complete support for multi-processor (SMP/HT/multicore) systems.
* Windows power management settings and LCD display brightness control (where supported).
* Battery information display (general and per-battery) including real-time status display of the battery life time, charge level, charge/discharge rate etc.
* CPU core temperature display (available on AMD K8, Intel Core and Intel Core 2 CPU families).
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 Re: RightMark CPU Clock Utility (RMClock)

Posted: 2007/9/5 18:12  Updated: 2007/9/5 18:12


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If you do use this, don’t over set your CPU speed as it can cause system overload.

On my own pc, its set lower then standard and works better then the original settings with quicker response times of the AMD power now.