Oneness - True Faith
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Oneness is that we are One, Heaven is One, and everything around us is therefore part of a Oneness of creation.

0neness is when we realize that Source (God) has no need of Self, and no need of existence, and yet manifests everything that exist within Oneness.

When we let go of Self, we near the qualities of Source, working selflessly for the greater good, with no attachment to things.

Buddha called 0neness Nirvana; yet it isn't commonly understood in the qualities it was ascribed as. Many perceive Nirvana to be some state of awareness where we have an enlightened state of certitude; yet don't recognize that Buddha taught about Source, he called it the Universal Mind, which is like calling God a CPU.

When we realize that everything in our reality is part of the same coding, we can understand how Neo in the Matrix film attained 0neness.
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