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In ancient times the Divine Council should be seen as Archangels, not demigods, which has sadly been confused into polytheism by many cultures.

Since Babylon because the Rabbi tried to make Judaism look like it didn't have pluralism, it changed the language, and thus have created a form of henotheism, where they worship Yahavah Elohim as the Godhead; when Source has no need of form, it makes reality for us to understand it.

Avatars should also be seen as archangels, as this same theological structuring can be seen globally. Yet mankind sadly has need of material objects to worship, as it is material, so it has confused what is easy to understand in a computer analogy.

Source is like a CPU manifesting reality, for it to interact with the computer game, it has to make applications, the highest form of these are archangels/avatars/elohim.

'Never has the Source directly interacted with mankind, it has always been by messenger' - Quran 42:51.
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