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An avatar means to have descended from the Divine.

Though in modern Hindu thought they are almost like demigods, the correct terminology would be an Archangel; as the Source is the only thing we should all worship.

Like imagine we're inside a universal quantum computer, the Source is like a CPU manifesting reality at a quantum level. We're all computer game characters, made out of mathematics. Where an avatar is a direct manifestation from Source appointed as an ambassador; who if not inside a human body would exist within Heaven as an archangel surrounding the throne of God. In other words their mathematical systems are nearing divinity, yet only Source is 100% maths, Archangels in Heaven are 98%+ maths, and normal angels can be 96%+.

Elohim means a Divine Being that is breathed by God, it does not mean gods; it means beings lower than Source. Isaiah 46:9 warns that after Babylon they'd get confused, where 'El is not like the Elohim'.
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