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Babylon was originally a great city that built it's self up as high as it could with out God's help (oneness) and so after this is where all languages separated, as with each bigger city required a different people and slowly developed different cultures and differences among us.

We can still see this in the cities we live in, within a village normally most people know each other and say hello, yet within a major city you may not even know your neighbours in 20 years of living next to each other.

Babylon is also the greed that comes with this and the lack of care for each other.

A large contributing factors is sounds, this may sound strange, yet within a city it produces harsh sounds from the winds, that shouldn't be there, if built in alignment with nature; as was intended and was before the first city of Babylon. Its like in a storm at sea, the wind can be quiet, as in there are no sharp edges of where it comes from or where it is going, in a city we are subjecting our self's to constant disturbance of bustling winds, so causing unnecessary aggravation to our sense (possibly one large reason in some cities life is much faster). Quote:
That is my impressions of Babylon, this is editable by our friends so please add to this.
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