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Change Log

A Continuing Change Log of Wizanda SVN

Stripped most files in all systems and different code

themes run off .theme.tpl and admin.tpl

templates run off tpl instead of html

templates use foreachq and includeq {(Smarty Xoops Plug-ins)}

Tag's search repaired with times included and blank userID, CSS header made to include lots of CSS and easy changing of pages, plus easier redesigning by others.

MyDownloads redesigned and MyLinks more items less unwanted space, tpl

centralized XMLines templates, tpl

XMBmemberstats working with 2.2 and cleaned blanked out for aim,yahoo etc at present..yet will be added.

Newbb 3.0.8 modernized, cleaned, fixed in place, tpl

XoopsPolls cleaned, Serach added, tpl

Wiwimod all editors fixed, CSS header tpl

Xoops Bug reports W3C fixed

+ loads of fixes all the way through
Last modified: 14.04.07 by wizanda