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Depression I have found can be caused by a few key points:


Comparison is the start of diseases.
If you take away the good and the bad, half the time the reason for getting depressed is lack of or need of. It is the trying to be something we are not that upsets us to begin and then we fall over in trying to fix our past. when we should be making our future, and now is a present. yet when we constantly looking back at things that we can't change, yet we learn from and understand that is what has made us, then move on from knowing where we have been, so then know where we would like to be going.

Comparison just muddles the senses trying to work out which is best, yet the worst path is often the best, as you learn the most from it… Learn to see good in all things regardless of how bad and then it will help teach you more.


When you stand at the bottom of the mountain all you see is everything as big things; when you stand at the top of the mountain all you see is everything as small things

Learn some times that the situation you are in, may seem daunting when you are in the middle of it, so take a step out side the box for a bit and then look back. As whilst it is all happening it can be hard to assess where or what it is that is going on. many people do this of getting depression due to circumstances, not taking a break from it all and then trying to work out why they have depression in the middle of all that turmoil. take a rest go somewhere you feel away and then look back and often it is far easier to look at and understand where or how.


The more you do for others, the better you feel about your self.

The best way to feel good about your self is to give freely to others, as the more you do for other people, the less you worry about your self! Depending what it is you do, often you will see you don’t have it as bad as you thought to begin with.

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