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The original followers of Yeshua were called Ebionites (Poor Ones); Christianity was established in Antioch (Acts 11:25-26) to Paul and Simon the Stumbling Stone (peter), who were both Pharisaic.

Where as the Ebionites didn't accept Christ came to die as an atoning sacrifice; Christianity was built on that concept, opposite to what Yeshua taught... Yeshua stated in Matthew 23:27-38, and Mark 7:1-13 that the Jews were cut off for claiming the prophets came to die for atonement.

James the Head of the Church of Jerusalem stood against Pauline Christianity, and we can see this in the book of James.

Whereas the Ebionites all gave up wealth, and lived as a big commune at the start of Acts; Paul insisted if we didn't work we didn't eat, whereas Yeshua taught God gives life freely.
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