Oneness - True Faith
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Enlightened Saints

Those who have chosen to spend a life of servitude are heading the right way, as we're down near Hell in a world of Delusions and Desires.

Enlightenment isn't about some special awareness, where we sit with a grin on our face, like we've reach some concept of certitude; yet to understand 0neness within everything.

To choose to treat our body as a temple of the Divine down here near Hell, working towards attuning with the symphony of Source.

Comparatively we're in an Age of Limitation (Kali Yuga), and we move into an Age of Enlightenment (Satya Yuga); in other words, when someone chooses to limit our potential to understanding, that is the opposite of enlightenment.

Only when our purpose is to continually climb the Mountain of wisdom, do we realize we can never attain the top; there is no mystical summit where we sit like a Buddha feeling completed.
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