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Folding Items

Across the site it has built into its main Java code something that allows you to fold virtually anything.

using ID="you choose a name, no spaces" style="display: none;" and that is about it that will make anything fold and be hidden untill clicked.

We wrote a guide on Folding things, yet this also allows for text and virtually anything within the site to have layers to it and be folded

This is also done in the go module we made, we call it a module as it is modular in web design, as only a single page of html is used.

you can also do what I do and look at the source of this page, and at the very bottom is the folding buttons, copy the code of one line like this

Use that code replacing your choice of word and you then can fold what you want with that same ID. If you fold the site it is only for the page, so just change page.

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