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John Nicodemus

We can establish that there was a High Counsellor called both Nicodemus, and John, who also was there at the sentencing, trial and execution of Yeshua; where though he interacted, he stood by and allowed it to happen - then partially helped write the Gospel of John after, which many people take to be the words of Yeshua.

The book is made up and taken from hearsay evidence that the Sanhedrin acquired..

The clearest point within this is the use of the wording EGO I-mee (I am), which Yeshua didn't go around using about himself, and warned not to follow those who used it about him (as the Sanhedrin accused him of it); which now most Christians praise about J+ses.

This is also referred in Revelations as being a part of the Anti-Christ belief system, where the Nicolaitans (being a form of Nicholas) were a continuation of the Johannine sect - where we can show in the Gospel of John they taught Balaam Teachings, Eating Things Unclean, and Theological Adultery.
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