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Judgment Day

With what could be the end shortly of life as we know it.....This is has been recorded now by NASA (2012 Solar Maximum). This event has been foretold since our beginning; clearly something is bigger then meets the eye, to all of this (outside of time).

As how could they have known at the beginning, when the end might be, unless they had only just been at that moment?

So understand that the way we look at time is in a linear perspective of 4 Dimensions and is still along a path that follows around in a circle.

Though that is only apart and the 8th dimension is infinity, which is already finished at the moment it started.

Though to almost all who are likely to read this, (I am) is Anti- Christ and so many have fallen, thinking they will get back up at the end, which is what all of this will show.

As everything is already accounted and reckoned, as the books show and add up too globally, with only a few who have ever noticed the truth.
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