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Speed Optimization

There are quite a few point to go into detail with everyone on many systems.

On almost any PC Defragmenting of data increase same applies when we have tons of blank spaces in web code..what is that if not fragmenting of the code...So by closing things when they need closing and not waiting a line, we don't cause any break in that reading of the code..that applies to all code.

MySql is an optimized system for retrieval of data, it has sequential ordering, so when items are sequenced in the primary index, this will then retrieve data from lines in other indexes, also quicker, if the shortest possible route is always taken. MySql does not retrieve words in indexes well, it retrieves numbers quicker and from an index and then words from the database if all numbers are supplied. its purpose seems to be sequential ordering data.. so it makes a difference if items that are needed to be approximated to the primary index, are placed in numerical indexes accompanying the primary, such as approval to post this reduces time. learned lately that the order of items in an index together, can also be sequential throughout and the order matters to what is needed. So if you place items that need approving (in order asked for) all in the same index and the primary is free to do its one task of to find that line through its simple (not long sequences as these are slower to order) sequential ordering. Then MySql at a moment will find it's data that it needs to compile... Quote:
Will write some more Guides on things...
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