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Wiki Codes

Table below details some special useful features :

This tag "cuts" your content in pages at display time ; a navigation bar to next and previous pages is automatically added.
undefinedImages, file attachments, flash undefined Depending on which editor you are using, you'll be able to upload and display resources within your page : images, files (icon displayed), flash animations.
[[PAGE page name]]

This tag is replaced by the content of the referred Wiwi page, if the current user has privileges to see it.
This is useful for many purposes : navigation, home pages, reminders...

Table below displays wiki codes that are interpreted by wiwi at display time, whenever they are found in a page content :

<< text >> Text is strong .
{{ text }} Text is ...
---- Horizontal rule
[[BR]] Line break
[[IMG url alt]] Image tag
[[link]] Hyperlink
[[link text]] Hyperlink
Xxx@domain.ext « mailto » hyperlink
CamelCaseName Link to the corresponding Wiwi page
= text= Header 2
> text blockquote

* level 1 list item
** level 2 list item
*** level 3 list item

Bullet lists ;