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Re: 1234 Posted on: 2007/3/31 11:25
Just can't stay away
2006/11/9 0:28
From MD. (U.S.)
Posts: 82
Nixney's got a clue. How about you?
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The Last Straw (Allah has come) Posted on: 2007/3/30 1:36
Just can't stay away
2006/11/9 0:28
From MD. (U.S.)
Posts: 82
m. link:

The fate of many rests on this union
To put fear and doubt into the heart you are intended to heal is not in your own best interest.


And tell me dear one~ what is it that you NEED
of me~ we hold all the answers within our own
memory~ what is it that you seek?

m. link:

From the whole that sought to be one...
I am the one who seeks to be whole~
And can make that dream come about...

I am the alpha and the omega in the flesh~
Together we hold the keys to Heaven and Earth...

I need of you no more, and no less, than you need of me.


Oh lover of Soul Seduction who has crossed my path
I have felt your great fire
And it has connected into the fire ~
that rages deep within my Soul
and I feel the fire that rages within your own Soul~
A great Fire that burns within my body
that yearns to be released
the great fire in your physical body~
that yearns to be released~

When I look into your eyes
I feel the fire that rages deep within the core of my existence
You have sparked a deep and eternal fire~
deep within the womb of my women hood ~
and the fire has begun to rage with passion
of expectation

m. link:

Your words to me are most precious and will be cherished always.
The love we shared on this most precious day is as a flame is to a
raging fire, that will burn with an intensity of passion yet unfathomable.
For I am he who has no name, yet many names, and the source of
all creation. You have question that will be answered by and by. But
you alone dear child have repeatedly demonstrated the qualities I
favor. Your willingness to learn, grow and sacrifice for others has
not gone unnoticed. For you alone are worthy of my most precious
son. He is my reflection. And as your faith has been
great, so to shall be your rewards. Without you, he would just be an
angry God. All that lives in the world transformed will be in your
debt. My full presence is not yet manifest in his form. But have
no fear. For you alone will come to know me as no other. Your
doubts are as shadows of things unimagined and will fade quickly
in our presence. You will come to know a passion and tenderness
that reaches further than imagination. You will become one with
all living things as I am this. To taste the sweetness of your lips,
to feel the warmth and tenderness of your touch, to become one
with your being in it's entirety is all that I live for…


thank you my dear~ thank you~

m. link:

Somehow thank you doesn't seem appropriate.
We are most greatful to you~
your equal does no exist.


I do not
pretent to know where this is going or if we are
Soul Mates and strictly made for each other~
I play my destiny out~ and I do have a hard time
committing to any type of relationship~
we express our love and send it out into the
universe~ I don't want you to get ideas that
this is a forever committment of any kind~

m. link:

Now wait just a cotton pickin munute here.

I've gone through trials and ordeals that would crush
mortal men. I've gone through millions of centuries of
painful evolution. I've experienced the pain and suffering
of billions of souls. I've killed, died, drowned, been hung
on a cross, starved to death and experienced countless
painful emotions all for you.

Well guess what.
If you don't want to walk through this world another day
without the feelings and energies that make life worth
living, If you don't know after holding me in your arms
that I am made just for you, If your not ready to love
someone so much that you would rather jump of a cliff
than to cause that person the least little discomfort. If
your not ready to love someone so much and make them
feel so special that they have no choice but to return the
same feelings. If your not ready to respect and be
sensitive to the feelings, wishes and needs of your
lover. If you don't want to live another God Dam Day
without knowing whether or not you walk alone….
You better tell me right now.

Because if you think I'm going to sit here and take it
while you swing back and forth in the demonstration
of your intentions you've got another think coming…

You are the most beautiful creature I've ever beheld~
I want to love you so much and make you feel so
special that you have no choice but to return those
feelings to me.

But if you would rather play games than follow your
heart than to hell with it.

I've had enough!

You better think and think real hard before you throw
this down the tubes. Because I am NOT going to do
it again!!!


I was right~
I dont think that you are ready~~~~~~~~~~
feel free to delete me as a friend~
I am not the one that you seek ~~~

m. link:

I am the living God of all creation.
I came here to fix my own #OOPS# up.
I thought that I had found one person on this God forsaken planet that finally believed in me.
I gotta tell ya babe,
You really let me down


Im sorry you feel that way~
we are all here to help each other evolve to our
greatest and highest potential~
and in those desires~
it does not mean making a total committment
of oneself~ to one individiual~
Life is full of millions of people exploring and searching
for truth~
Many of them have gone thru intense pain~
such as yourself~
you are not alone~
relationship is a very complex thing~

m. link:

Listen lady,

I put you here!
I and I alone say what is good, what is right, what is
truth, what is beauty.
I and I alone say what is bad, what is wrong, what is
fair, what is valid.
And if you don't like it, tough.
You don't have to like it.
But don't you ever tell me you KNOW otherwise!!!


whatever~ Im glad you know it all~

m. link:

I'm afraid I do know it all as I now contain the full Spirit of Source.

I come with a simple message.

I want to be loved!

If I don't get it, you don't get it,
and nobody else gets it eather.

You have two choices.
You're just getting yours a little sooner than everyone else.

Surrender to Love

Or Be Destroyed~

Now if you don't do the right thing I am going to remind
you every day for the rest of your life exactly what it
was you threw away.

Think about it


So you are threatening to destroy me~
or hurt me if I don't throw myself at you~
Im gonna tell you something~
I have some very powerful Spirit Guides~
and I know the ways to set up force fields of

m. link:

I'm not going to touch one hair on your head, with my
physical form. However, eather way, the cycle of our lives is at it's end. And at the appointed time, I will not only destroy you, I will tare this world to peaces. And it's not like there's anything you can do about it with the exception of "the rite thing".

It was a pleasure meeting you.
Thanks for the best day of my life.
And good luck. You'll need it~


sorry you feel this way~
if you ever have a change of heart~
you know where I am~
I only meant the very best for you~

m. link:

You're throwing away the last chance to bring love back into this world. I've given you nothing but God's
honest truth. And I'm the only one in this world who
ever has. I'm not the one who needs a change of heart.

YOU GAVE UP ON LOVE.........................................

Never again will either of us ever feel the way we felt
in each others arms. And thats a shame. You know why? Because that one feeling is the only thing that matters!

Is there not one person on this God forsaken world who sees me for what I really am
and is willing to help me make a difference?
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The Beast Posted on: 2007/3/21 23:27
Just can't stay away
2006/11/9 0:28
From MD. (U.S.)
Posts: 82
Never before have a questioned a channeled work, but I've never channeled one like this.

Who can find the Beast?

Virus Detected
Confirmed: (Beast Lies Within)
Description: (DNA Encoded Biological Computer Virus) Virus uses fear.
Confirmed: (Fear is only enemy)
File Type: (User)
Virus Origin: (Unknown)
Code: (Unknown), (Code Will Save!)
Reference: (Bible Code), (God Code), {find}
Confirmation: Band Name (King's X)
Song Name (King)
Confirmed: (Music Calms the Beast)
Key: (Locked in DNA)
Jesus wrote of this, (Find passage concerning Narrow Path)
Reference (The Book of Mormon)

Who can fight the Beast?
Cygnus has engaged.

Request Assistance. (Fear was intended to be a natural response, not a way of life)

Message From the Beast: "Don't count your chickens before they hatch"

My Reply: OK, but when the sucker hatches, watch the birdy.

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Re: Does Charity make the richer, richer or the poor richer? Posted on: 2007/3/14 23:25
Just can't stay away
2006/11/9 0:28
From MD. (U.S.)
Posts: 82
As was stated, this is not a case of all or none.

When someone takes on a new employee, one can only assess, through the course of time whether or not the individual carries out his or her duties in a responsable, professional manner.

Charities, like individuals, must be assessed as being responsable, honest and practical in their efforts.

Some are, some are not.
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