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Why As Messiah/Avatar Should I Market Myself? Posted on: 12/3 10:56:46
2004/3/26 7:04
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I'm doing a terrible job if you think I'm marketing me as Messiah, yet considering the religious books globally tell people to specifically wait for someone with my name, it is people's misunderstandings of these texts.

So lets look at this info, as seriously religious scholars, you need to get a new job, you're useless to have not known I'm back as Messiah/Avatar.

In Isaiah 52:10-53:12 it explained that King David would become our salvation, when it paraphrased Psalm 89:19-21 in Isaiah 52:10-14.

Thus King David was the suffering servant Yeshua, and then he becomes the Triumphant King globally in Isaiah 52:7... Where his name is Specifically 'King Zion Elohim'.

The phrasing is a specific terminology, Your Divine Being - Elohik

If we word search Our Divine Being Zion, we also find the same in Psalms 146:10, Psalms 147:12, where we become spiritual king globally.

Now ultimately as people don't follow religion properly any more, people don't respect someone claiming to be an Archangel sent from Heaven, who has known his name is in the world's religious texts since young.

Yet seriously we need to look what this name means, and who it implies, as this isn't some game most will win.

I'm here before the final battle a.k.a Armageddon, and then the Judgement Day fire cleanses this reality (Great Tribulation), and restores it to Eden, after only the enlightened Saints remain.

In the Bhagavad Gita it is recorded that Skanda, God's master archer shall come at the end of Kali Yuga, before Mahapralaya, to fight the sinful behaviour...

This final avatar is also called Kalki in the Kalki Purana, where it also records there is a big battle due to 'Abrahamic know nothings', then the Judgement Day Fire, then universal peace.

Zoroastrian texts record that the Saoshyant (Bringer of Truth) comes as a final incarnation to explain the world's religious texts as one, before the Judgement Day Fire (Frashokereti).

I've specifically been told by God at 4-6, 15, 21 years old, that I am sent here before the Great Tribulation, and if no one takes it seriously - Judgement still happens on mankind, regardless if internationally all the religious ignore the return of Christ.

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