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Re: If you are spiritual say hi Posted on: 2004/8/7 19:31
Hi , I was quite spiritual till one year back, with total and blind faith in God. And it was my blind faith in God that got me deceived, in the name of God and i cracked up when i realized i was being deceived, manipulated, by someone with magical powers. Ever since that time I have lost myself and have become some kind of a lunatic monster. I dont pray anymore, I dont have any faith.
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Re: If you are spiritual say hi Posted on: 2004/8/7 21:18
2004/3/26 7:04
From Nottingham, UK
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God is always near
all you have to do is open the door
don't push the hand of god away from you
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Re: If you are spiritual say hi Posted on: 2004/8/8 7:04
Plus also trust that everything has a reason

if it dosent break you it makes you stronger

so keep learning
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Re: If you are spiritual say hi Posted on: 2006/1/31 13:49
Just can't stay away
2005/12/31 8:22
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Moment to moment seeking within self first!

Looking for friends in all the right places...
We are Family!

"Awareness of a greater truth adds time pressure to your psyche and spirit, becuase the more you know, the faster you need to respond to the truth, I call this spiritual accountability." By: Carolyn Myss in her book, Sacred Contracts pg. 126

Another of my favorite quotes by Carolyn Myss:

Your highest potential then, is that part of you that is not limited in its expression by the fears of the physical world and the business of living.

It is what you actualize when you are willing to confront your shadow, openly acknowldge the reality of its presence within you, and then take steps to deal with it. (ACTION)

To rely on your own inner resources and to follow you inner guidance before all else is to express your highest potential at all times.

It shows who you would be if you could live constantly within the knowledge that genuine power exists inside the self and never outside of it. pg. 127

Are you spiritual? In what way do you manifest it?

love and Gratitude,
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