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Behold Now is the Day of Salvation Posted on: 2007/5/6 17:56
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2007/5/6 12:34
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Paul didn't have this yet. Far as I can tell, no one has it all yet. Praise
God a person doesn't even have to believe in him to be saved. All they need is to believe in their own innocence, then their conscience will clear and they will start receiving the fruits of the spirit.=love, joy, peace, temperance, etc.
They'll start becoming more compassionate and then will see this is what is wrong with everybody else. Jesus said that you have to be born again(get your spirit back) to see the kingdom. Heaven on earth is here boys and girls! We are all the children of God.
This world was Hell. Place of torment. We've all been misdiagnoised, so mis-treated our whole lives. We are not evil or mentally ill per se. Our hearts are broken, is the real deal. We all have post-traumatic stress disorder=spirit broke=the curse of mankind. God told Adam and Eve:"the day you eat from that tree, you shall surely die."
They spiritually died that day. They then had the symptoms of ptsd. Hiding, afraid, self-conscious(put on fig leaves),and started blaming everybody else. Their hearts being broken, they then hurt others, and gave them this plague. I myself caught a bad case of this from the other kids in my first grade.
For over 40 years I have been stumped about the change that came over me back then. I had been at the top of my class. Then I noticed in second grade that I could no longer raise my hand in class. I was so full of anxiety.
But I saw from that, That often I had the right answer, when no one else did. Brothers and sisters, I believe I have the right answer that we have all been seeking.
I finally after 45 years got alot of my courage back, so I'm raising my hand. God did help me with this. He didn't give it to me on a silver platter. I gave up all I owned.(had more than most). And I totally left reality.(went "insane")This was not a job for the weak. By this world's standard I was very weak: Widow, poor, crazy, police record, unemployed etc. Like it says in 1corinth. Chap. 1= God chooses the foolish and weak (of this world)to confound the wise (of this world).
I figure this confusion about ourselves=Babylon, and we have all been held captive there. Now am I a messenger? Sure does seem like it to me.
I myself was always waiting for Jesus to come out of the clouds and save me, and destroy my enemies. God choose a so called blond bimbo to save the world with? You should see me.He definitely has a sense of humor. Nothing much scarey about me. A servant is not above his master, but equal.
So this could be true. At the beginning of all this I got tossed in a nuthouse for a week, and towards the end of it jail. I figure that was all of God's plan also. I saw first hand what was going on in those places. I.E. people aren't getting the proper help they need.
I've known I was a saint for 19 years now, and they treated me that way? I'll quit for now. Any questions, let me know. Love Gayle
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Re: Behold Now is the Day of Salvation Posted on: 2007/5/6 19:17
2004/3/26 7:04
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Jesus = Fake prophet as in Acts
Yeshua = Salvation as in Hebrew and then links with name Joshua as being the same name.
(that helps to see how Simon the stone (peter) is the same stone of stumbling)

Innocence is indeed the way, to have a cleaner heart and why to be like a child is the way of heaven.

As for “Them” saying you are mad, ask how and why, all nations “drink blood” (communion) and I will say "They" are the mad ones, as the Bible clearly said that is as a snare for all nations.

Righteousness of another can not cover sin, and to state God would sacrifice is to teach as Balaam…..

So if we can see and hear then maybe others might…as being the Fig, we are only here to finish what was started.

N B with U
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