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Re: UFO's and the Bible... Making the E.T. connection Posted on: 2006/1/16 9:12
2004/3/26 7:04
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I must thank you from the bottom of my heart for finding that for us, Suzy!

I had never noticed that as you have put it and this clearly makes a big question.

The one thing to add to this is maybe that the universe came from God and is bigger then aliens, even reading now, I am questioning some of the parts of the Bible in my head. Now after reading that it is apparent that it may have been aliens in some parts clearly.
As the stuff being described is not as I have seen in heaven and described in many different religions also.

Yet that is not to say all the parts of the bible are aliens(as I know some of us do), as you see when I died at 23, God is the entire universe, yet on a higher plain of existence then the universe as well.

The fact so many prophecies have been fulfilled shows us that we are in the book of life and something has a view outside of time.

Our roles as Chracters in these pages are to act out what is needed of us.

Now what told the prophets in the bible these things? Oneness!

Yet this Oneness i.e. the Heaven, God, the center of the universe, Dao, Wisdom

It is outside of time as some of the events that have taken place, show us clearly that
1st God knew before Christ came that they would make him a sacrifice.
2nd the events in Revelations are written for now as I have seen most happen.

So anyways I am going on one, all I really wanted to say is don't take God out of the picture when you question aliens in the Bible as God also made them as clearly apparent here, from what Suzy posted

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Re: UFO's and the Bible... Making the E.T. connection Posted on: 2006/1/17 7:38
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2005/9/25 0:48
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Yes Wiz. Even after accepting that intelligent alien life exists... even if you stop believing in any religion... you must always answer for creation and existence... and there is no other answer except that of God. One must accept the creator to achieve oneness and peace. One must accept the creator to get away from despression and confusion. The creator is real... and so are the other worlds. :) It's a beautiful place out there in those heavens. I just have to take a glimps upwards every night for about 5 minutes, sometimes more... and sometimes even more. Thank you Suzy. I do have many more Bible verses that I am aware of. I am only asking for everyone to get involved so we can have participation as one, and not just one guy tellign everyone "look, this is the way it is". We all need to look at it and realize it on our own. If God means nothing to you... at least let him be the starter of all things... whether you call it the big bang or the old man. The creator has to exist in some form... and it is all around us. The creator is existence... hence God is omnipresent. :) Because God being the creator... also makes him the creation.
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