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Are Drugs Useful for Spirituality Posted on: 2019/9/1 7:11
2004/3/26 7:04
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Depends which we define as useful...

Lots of man-made drugs cause numerous side affects, as we're not at a quantum level of understanding.

So tho LSD is a synthesized version of ergot; natural psychedelics have a clearer symbiosis with the plants, that allows induction into our reality far easier.

Cannabis is a teacher plant, without it in our diet, we have omega deficiencies, which causes a skittishness in the brain, due to lack of certain cannabinoids.

Buddha had Bhang... Christ is someone Anointed in Cannabis Holy Anointing oil (Exodus 30:23-25).

The Sprouted Bread of the Israelites has naturally forming ergot baked out by the sun; the Greeks had Kykeon an ergot drink.

The whole Last Supper was new wine (grape juice), and psychedelic bread.... Not old wine, and fermented yeast bread.

Thus basically in my experience there are certain plants useful for mind expansion, when done in the right way...

Like in Silicon Valley, they are Micro-Dosing on LSD, as it increases neural connectivity, and thus advances production.

Things like coke, are there are as a painkiller, and in that usage are useful; tho taking cocaine numbs part of our precursors to our pineal gland, which is then bad for our reception to the divine.

What we need to look at is the differences between something poisoning us in some way, which personally would class as drugs, and those which are herbs that actually encourage, and regulate brain growth...

Especially when they are free forming in our reality, like there are psychedelics that activate the same part of the brain everywhere; which is then ludicrous to assume that then happened by chance.

Cannabis is in 3 ancient religions (Bible) Kaneh Bosem, (Hindu) Soma, (Zoroastrian) Haoma, and were sacred in the past, until multiple books were burnt, and we fell into the dark ages again.

Like they've found children with omega 3 are calmer; yet a full range of omega oils is found in hemp, and it was mankind's first food, clothing, rope, housing, paper, oil, ethanol, etc.

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