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2004/3/26 7:04
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The reason for the sacred drink holding the society together, was because regular entheogens can increase neural potential; thus an educated society, is an enlightened one.
In Ancient Greece this was done through Kykeon, which is created with Barley + Penny Royal, which some people say makes LSA, and thus an early form of LSD.
The drink after being left to go black from barley rot (ergot), was cooked for hours with penny royal - which also flavours it slightly, as it is a type of mint.
The Hebrews had Essene Bread, which is made with sprouted grains, where it was left to raise; in the process this creates ergot forming in the mixed grains. The Showbread or Bread of Many Faces was boiled long enough to kill the ergot poisoning, and then baked. Yeshua at the last supper shared the Essene bread (Showbread), and told them not to drink the wine again in Greek - As in ancient times alcohol was recognized as toxic spiritually, as it changes our frequency of reality, and entheogens help lead us to enlightenment; which is why spiritually in the Hymn to

Demeter, it declares they don't want alcohol, yet instead prefer psychedelics.
Most ancient religions instigated no alcohol, and entheogens: the Dharmic religions had Soma, and Bhang, the Hebrews the Showbread, and cannabis holy anointing oil, Zoroastrian Haoma, etc.
If we look what neurologically happens with the affects of alcohol it shrinks the brain, destroying pathways, and entheogens are brain food, creating new neural pathways.
The problem with citing Paul like he has the same teachings as Yeshua, is that he endorsed alcohol; as did the Gospel of John, as they were both written by Pharisees, who drank alcohol, and eat meat, unlike the Essenes.
Amanita muscaria also just needs cooking properly for long enough, like a few hours of boiling, and then baked drying timing, and it kills the poison. Some people boiled it in the past, and then refined the liquid to make a drink (Soma); yet it doesn't last like Kykeon, and is better to dry them properly. These can also be micro-dosed to give us a power boost, as they increase our ability to grow new neural potential.
The conscious state of the mind affects our whole reality, the idea of wanting to get high isn't the real point; when we take psychedelics regularly, we can become like in the film Lawnmower man, Limitless, and Lucy - where with the regular correct additions to our brain chemistry, we can accelerate the brain and body to genius levels.

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