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2007/1/20 18:34
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Duality as in what sense?..... as in good & bad, God & Devil, right & wrong etc etc etc, as long as people keep believe'n this, well look around You! The thing is You can show people the TRUTH but they have to want to see it & that takes all your heart & soul!
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Re: My Friend Ernest Posted on: 2007/1/25 8:27
2004/3/26 7:04
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Duality as in a mother has two eggs, these two children can be either extreme left or right brain thinking.
Or that in any extreme there is an exact opposite and that is dualityÖ.
So in a way to say there is a God implies to people there is a bad or devil, which I have already mentioned I donít feel exists and didnít see in hell or anywhere in the after life.(this is why I removed God from our commandments where possible to replace with one Good, we donít need a label for good when good is else we are not)
The two extremes in reality as is the after life, are Ego and Oneness.
Which works the other way around to our worldly think of it, as in we perceive all good and all bad, yet it isnít like that it is that one is based on the other, you pass through one to understand the other, why the commandments are in dimensions to pass through.
Now with out reincarnation in our main stream thinking people donít realize or give people the benefit of the doubt they will learn something from their own way of thinking.
That I is feel is anti-duality not to be able to look at both sides, it all about the middle line like Buddha said it.

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