Extremities Make Money Posted on: 2007/6/21 10:04
2004/3/26 7:04
From Nottingham, UK
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Isn’t it funny in today’s world, that you can do almost anything to an extreme level and get paid for doing it…

Like be a pro-> Surfer, DJ, Chess player, Custard maker etc….

So never feel a Job is for life, work is to live and do what you enjoy doing….
Do it well enough and to an extreme level, so other people see it as cool and then get paid for doing it….

Its like our politicians should be on war games on the PC (they would love them) with all them stats and figures….
Then they could leave us alone and make rules for games only they wanted to play….

Yet you never know, they could be a real in-depth game with loads of boring bits and over complicated rules to them……..
Yet someone would buy them as they would be so extreme….

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