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Should the Hindus Be Judged For Rejecting Brahma? Posted on: 2019/9/22 9:21
2004/3/26 7:04
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Yahavah is a two part word meaning 'Lord of Creation' - H3068.
Yah means 'Lord' - H3050.
Havah means 'to Manifest, to Be, to Create' - H1933.

Before anyone argues in our corrupted modern understanding 'Yah' has been turned into a shortened (nickname) for Yahavah, this is grammatically ignoring contexts applied that 'Yah' is used independently as 'Lord'.

Brahma means 'to make manifest, to be, to create' i.e the Creator.

In Hindu texts it is often put as 'Lord Brahma', which in Ancient Hebrew would be 'Yahavah'.

Supposedly Dharmic religious ignore that the Source of our reality is One, and thus they deem that the Abrahamic texts have nothing to do with the One Source who creates reality; thus should they be judged as being Adharmic for rejecting Lord Brahma's religious texts?

Is it possible that Hindus could come to the Dharma, and accept that the Source is One, thus all religion is here as it creates it?

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