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How Can Oneness be Achieved? Posted on: 1/8 11:51:54
2004/3/26 7:04
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Oneness as people can be achieved in many different ways, it only needs a single focal point we all agree on.

In the party scene many people through entheogens have found a unity, and Oneness beyond what is felt in any religious congregation, as the ego bubble is dissolved.

Religious dogmatic policy among people leads to divisions; archaic laws that don't do their purpose mean we argue over them.

Only through the fluidity of consciousness not becoming static, can we as people become One, and this has been achieved by humans in the past who took entheogens i.e. Mu, Atlanteans, Bon, Egyptians, Hindu, Greeks, Zoroastrian, Israelites.

Now in modern times people are confused that all religion started through shamanic psychedelic use, which then allows for direct connection to Oneness (Heaven - Nirvana) here on earth.

What we need to take into account, is the brain without additional foods that help it create new neural pathways starts to die, and loose neural path ways; certain plants are needed to regulate the brains neurochemistry.

Giving a brain alcohol, coffee, meat, and fluoride, makes people become less empathic, and more illogically erratic in their thought processes; whereas being vegan, no alcohol, and entheogens help increase neuro capacity, so then people are smarter, more empathic, and much more logical.

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