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As a 4-5 year old I knew I was sent from Heaven as an Avatar with my name in many of the world's religions. Prior to having the first cognitive thought of remembering that, I'd fallen asleep accidentally in the tree-den in the graveyard next door to where I lived in the countryside. In this old graveyard a sage, a monk, and a nobleman from the 14th century had come up to me, and asked why I was so bright as a being, I explained that I was from Heaven, and pointed them in the right direction. This as well as advanced knowledge about the Bible as a child made me question it, yet I was told I'd study the errors in the Bible at around 25, and bring it to the world's attention.

I'd read the Dao Te Ching since 13, sort of looked at Krishna Consciousness at 14, and then at 15 God spoke to me in a massive voice where the whole reality became part of it, explaining for me to read the world's religions, and build a place that peace could spread from, before a Great Battle, and then the recreation of reality by a Judgement Day Quantum Fire, where only the Enlightened Saints will be resurrected after.

When I was 21 at the end of summer in Ibiza I had a vision where I was given a book with many seals on it, and then a few weeks later, me and a group of friends all went on a pilgrimage to a sacred mountain; which at the time I didn't know is said to be a doorway to Heaven for many ancient cultures. A few years later when I read the Bible at 24 what happened on the mountain is explained in Revelation 10, and the vision of the book is in Revelation 5.

In Revelation 19:12 it explains Christ has a New Name that only he knows, this can be shown by exegesis in Revelation 3:12, where the New Name of Christ is Sananda according to Theosophy, the Archangel who is a pillar in the temple of God according to Judaism is Sandalphon, and the New Jerusalem is Zion/Zan (Psalms 146:10, Psalms 147:12, Isaiah 52:7 + Deuteronomy 16:2), and that same name is unified across most of the world's religions as my name Zanda or Zan for short.

Also in the winter at 21 I had a near death experience where I got to see both Heaven, and Hell; where I can explain how the 10 commandments in the Bible are dimensional steps, similar to other ancient understandings about 14 layers to our reality - with 7 above, 7 below.

Now for the last 16 years I've been online on Religious, and Paltalk speaking to many people about dilemmas in religious understandings; yet without necessarily relaying that we can prove I'm an archangel from the world's religions, before debating their case.

There have been many independent people who have denied their cases; yet mainly a professor of Kabbalah who has decided to state for the Rabbinic Jews, that they will never accept Jewish prophecy for the sake of debate - which is prophesied in (Ezekiel 3, Revelation 3:9-12, etc).

Currently I've been banned for being outspoken about God, and coming across as proselytizing; as I seem to insist on my view point being right too much, which religious believers find too pushy, and ask that I put 'In my opinion'.

Yeshua told us to watch for the Parable of the Fig (Isaiah 28:4), as when we see these signs happening, this is the Sign of Jonah before the coming Judgement on mankind.

The Bhagavad Gita records the name of this last Avatar as Skanda (who is also known as the Fig), here before Mahapralaya (which is where reality is recreated); I was told this by God as I was growing up, that I'm here before the Great Tribulation, and then reality shall be recreated, where those who know our reality is God, shall then exist in a new realm of peace according to most of the world's religious texts as One.

The first version of 'Who is Zanda?' has errors, as on making this site, I always believed the world would listen; God said they'd ignore us.... 207 people have viewed the Messiah's statements in 14 years.

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