Reasons the Jews don't Fulfill Isaiah 53 Posted on: 2017/10/17 8:47
2004/3/26 7:04
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  1. 1: They did not fulfill Isaiah 53:1 which links with Isaiah 28:9-19 (rumor to rumor), and the 'arm of the lord' in Isaiah 52:10 (Yeshuat Eloeinhu) + Psalms 98
  2. 2: They were seen as a majestic nation, which was desired by many; they still are presented as a chosen people, which is desired by many.
  3. 3: They are not in a depressed state, and not disliked by people; that is a self loathing statement, people like the Jews.
  4. 4: They have not carried anyone's suffering or sins; they have been cursed, yet not that anyone acknowledges that, and sees them as accursed.
  5. 5: They have not been pierced for anyone's sins, they've not been crushed/put to death/tortured as a sin offering for anyone else.
  6. 6: They have not had everyone's sins put on them; tho they might have helped confuse all the sheep, yet they're not directly responsible.
  7. 7: They have not been silent as they were slaughtered, neither was it done in the form of a sin offering.
  8. 8: The disobedience of the 'people' is the Hebrew people; yet then they can't be the person who is cut off from the land of the living for their sins.
  9. 9: They were not put to death with the wicked or rich, and are clearly not free of violence or deceit.
  10. 10: They were put to death for part of the plan, yet not as a sin offering.
  11. 11: They haven't carried anyone's sins, their knowledge has not lead many to righteousness, neither have they arrived at the light from their actions of being put to death.
  12. 12: They haven't got an inheritance to share with the strong, they've not continued teaching the things of God until death, and then acted as an intercessor for people's sins.

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