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Rules of Reason

Rules to live by.
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The first rule of reason life teaches the wise is 'to say that "I'm sure" is most surely a lie'. To say that, I know" can mean more than one thing, from possession of facts to doubt not existing. The possession of knowledge is not beyond me, but certain is one thing I'll not claim to be. Reasonable doubts I've no wish to remove, As I'm certain of nothing, I've nothing to prove.

The second life's lesson, and one all should see is, some things aren't presented the way they should be. Pictures are painted in black and in white. Questions imply that one's wrong and one's right. Where options are few and leave no room for growth, two choices not mentioned are neither or both. Neither are true where the facts disagree, or both may be true and in different degrees. However clear cut any problem may seem, consider the answer need not be extreme.

The third rule of reason states all rules and laws, should be thought of as having a circumstance clause. When applying a rule first put to the test that the rule you've applied is the one that fits best. Make sure a rule functions the way that it should, or enforcing a law won't do more harm than good. Circumstance dictates which rules are wise, with discretion the one rule that always applies.
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