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Life Dynamics

So many reflecting off each other and creating concepts that don't add up completely.
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☯ Consciousness has no need to experience its self, as it already did at the point of creation.

God doesn't need to experience its self, as it's already well beyond anything we can perceive.

If we were light experiencing its self, then darkness shouldn't overshadow it.
Like a plant catalyzes light through photosynthesis and grows in the shadows, to reach towards the light, so should we be; yet we've been told the opposite, and thus many try to get light from matter.

Matter is dense vibration; Heaven (0neness) is light.
Though matter isn't evil, it is the opposite of live energy.

It's not God who doesn't know what it is; it's matter that doesn't realize it's static memory in the matrix.

Now is in the mind of the infinite; not in the past memories like we're living in.

The spirit grows within the matter; from the nurturing of faith.

Love the light within a spirit that is gleamed from heaven; rather then directly reflect with matter, as it corrupts due to being dense vibration.
Like when a light is shone onto something, it produces a shadow from every place it's not hit the surface; thus we can learn to find our way in the darkness. ☮
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 Re: Life Dynamics

Posted: 2012/7/29 10:05  Updated: 2012/7/29 10:05


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Atman (self) = 1 = Oneness
Anatta (selflessness) = 0 = Ă˜neness

God is anatta within nirvana, else it wouldn't be all things and since it's nothingness, people see their own reflection within it; as it has no image.

The moment you pick an image for the self, that can become mammon (idol worship) and misses parts, as each reflection of it leads to a greater understanding of the whole.