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Christ Vs John Vs Paul

This is a start to the differences in theology between Matt, Mark, Luke vs John vs Paul. Clearly showing each is its own separate unique belief system.


Christ (Matt, Mark, Luke)




Give grace to enemies, to receive it.

From the blood of the ‘lambs’ grace.

From God sending jesus to die & resurrect.


From following Yeshua’s ways to God.

From jesus being Jewish.

Salvation in death of jesus.

Eternal Life

Following commandments.

Believing in the name jesus and God sent him.

Believing grace from jesus’s death.


No Inheritance from his death, instead from following God.

From believing in jesus and god sent him to die.

From jesus’s death.


We can all be light and dark, yet aim to be full of light.

Christ is the light and the world can’t understand it.

Good news makes the church children of light.






Love enemies though loving God alone, hate self.

Love each other, yet the world hates you. jesus loves you.

Love brethren, love self. jesus loves you.


Came to bring division, not peace.

Gave a ministry of peace.

We’ve got peace due to his death on the cross.

Caused his murder


‘god’ told the Pharisees to do it.

jesus chose to come and die.

Effect of his murder

Israel divorced. Many condemned for swearing falsely, to stealing his inheritance.

Died so you can receive eternal life.

To reconcile us due to Adam, graft us onto Israel and make us kings in heaven.

Becoming part of Israel

Divided the house. If you marry Israel, you commit adultery.

Gather lost sheep.

Joins the houses. Grafts on Gentile to Jew.

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