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Ways To Fix Depression

A poem to help with depression, hopefully to make an impression.
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To transduce a truth,
From pains within our youth;
Slowly unlock to contend,
Not to condescend;
Just not pretend.
Like a reality showdown,
Where it feels like we're going to drown;
Twisted and fake,
Not feeling great,
The gravity weighs,
Penalty pays.
Lift ourselves up by hitting the floor;
Not only the gym,
Start from within.
Aim for more,
Project the score;
It's not luck,
Thus not to be misunderstood.
Mindfulness is giving our brain a break,
To listen to the rhythms it partakes.
Unloading the thoughts like a trek on a bus,
Not getting mad when we hear lots of fuss;
As in the thoughts we don't dwell,
Thus we can slowly fix within,
To overcome the Hell.
Rule of thumb does suggest,
Turning everything off is best;
So then we're not distressed,
And can finally hear our soul protest.
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