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True Religion Vs Cultism

Many of the world's religious followers are lead to follow cultism, instead of true religion.
Many who are using the word religion, use it about cults that exist, and don't realize the words have been muddled on purpose.

A cult is a group of people with a charismatic leader, where it will generally disempower us to put our trust in the leaders, and the group.

A religion is a group of people with a set of fundamental beliefs, that will empower them to be better people, and to work to help their society.

It is shocking that our political system is also a huge Roman Republic cult, where we don't have a democracy i.e Rule of the People; we put forward some charismatic leader, like they're going to fix everything that the last charismatic leader did.

Because it benefits the political system to maintain charismatic cultism, hardly anyone actually says lets fix the religious infrastructure, so our society is more functional; instead they blame a side, and its cult followers, so each side then fights each other...

Until soon we will come to Armageddon, and then World War 3; where all the supposed religions, who've been educated to follow cultism, will fight each other to the death...

That isn't a wise plan by humanity, and it is possible to fix religious infrastructure, yet to do that we'd need everyone to address the idea that true religion is useful; where we all have one, it is our moral ethical societal standards, and our belief about what is existence.

Now if we could all come to a more logical position between us, where we could all agree to the same basic fundamentals of existence; that is where civilization started, and lets hope it's not ended because of a lack of understanding.
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