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Crazy World looking for Love?

Most people are looking for love in all the wrong places, when they should already have unconditional love that is far stronger.
This is a statement for us to never forget this principle again, and hopefully show what is meant at the same time of real unconditional love and the ways of heaven.
With the whole world looking for this earthly perfect partner and love; we are afraid to say you are living in a dream world.
As far as we have seen it does not exist, even those who say well we had a ruff patch?
Can any of you imagine what heaven, would be like if we took that principle? chaos!
This is what we have here?
Love and unconditional love, are two entirely different energies.
One is earthly and a chemical reaction of bonding with a sexual partner, where your dopamine is stimulated for 18 months; also called the honey moon period.
Now that is what most people live for and is nothing to do with heaven.
So if your priority is to first serve your partner, then this is where you will come back again.
Now in the Bible they did a terrible job of translating on purpose, as when in Revelations, it says defile your self with women, this is extremely sexist and in no ways written by God.
This is a man made translation of a situation; as when we saw heaven at 23, when we died accidentally; there was women in heaven, and almost all angels had been a woman also as well as man and many other beings.
Now in unconditional love and the people, we observed in heaven each was giving and would administered justice; if needed in righteousness and correct thinking as God would and never out of their own anger; Yet to discipline.
As real unconditional love is not kind, it is just earthly love can be kind, then this is seen as a weakness on many occasions.

Now given that fact, why are we all looking for partners? Are we all that mad we don't realize that we all fall out after a bit and start acting like sister and brothers?

So where is the love? We are all stuck on our own man (made love and have no clue about the real unconditional love, which is used all the time as dimension shined into our reality.
So yes people can find that here and find a partner that stimulate them to be at one with others 1st as that is their way also.
On the other hand we have billions of people looking for the most ridiculous concept, that doesn't work.
We did use to believe all the rubbish they taught at school and brain washed me with like the commercials telling you need a partner you need love of man.

Ok so maybe explaining a few of the times, you feel unconditional love and love as separate things.

Unconditional love, you may feel when you have created something as it gives you an all over warm feeling and a feeling of contentment.
You will get this emotion when you make love to someone you really do care about, and hit a level of feelings that is beyond flesh.
Your children you will care so much for this is similar, and many use the wrong form of love and our children end up with physiological problems from the results.
As you don't unconditional love anything that is in this earth, sorry to sound harsh, it is true.
We love the higher nature of things in unconditional love = Spirit/Soul/Characteristics/creativity and love = flesh/mind/body/looks these are not real, if taken from a pure metaphysical heaven perspective i.e. the mustard seed means break out of the box.
For with your child it will be the moment of inspiration and creation of something that enlightens this love within you.
Put it this way, you don't get any of the same feelings of what we now call love; we need two words!

The next is love of the physical as in that one it is what you accept about your self that makes you love someone.
Think about this for minute and you will see, as it is the things you accept about them that you can see are similar to your self that allows you to love that person.
This is the big point, that energy drops when you drop, so what do you think happens to our children in a family?
Where this is what we call love and give our children?

We pray you can see what we are meaning, and not take offence from this.
See we are trying to show there are two different loves one that is 7th dimensional and 11th which is in heaven and is unconditional love.

Now if people want to get this correct and the reason for me saying this is, (I am) constantly when (I am) see attractive women as the word attractive goes, (I am) thinking (I am) could do with a partner?
Why would we break the laws of heaven, me personally would much rather bond as angels do, as how many women want to put up with men in there way when they are breast feeding?
Yes a woman needs support and if we got off this stupid idea of man made marriage where you are then enforced to spend time, with someone you don't like.
In many cases and think you do your children a favour, by staying like that?
We are killing all of us, in the process as your energies spread into your children's relationships later as they will learn that is the way to interact.

So in heaven angels come together they share what they know and then they move on, as to keep learning and share them self's with all.
There is no marriage in heaven, all are married to God and would not accept anything less in their life's and so gained entry to heaven from passing desires.
As all of us with our system of society are producing desires, and desires won't let you in heaven as that is just the way it has always been.

Even with our own children in a relationship it ends up sister and brother and we think we make a family again EGO, we all make a family!
Heaven has no authority over everyone other then God and all works as the sea does and if someone needs help everyone is there straight away; why?
They don't need to hold another angels, hand to help people and neither do we.
When we have partners, they can get jealous and so this is not unconditional love, yet a possession and a desire.
So the more we have removed the ways of heaven and followed the (I am) which is no ways God.
As God is we are and "yes you are" part of that and don't let religions; tell you otherwise as really they are going on Chinese whispers.

Even though this may sound strong, realize it is still unconditional love and wisdom mixed; which is a realm beyond that of unconditional love and where it came from to begin with.
So it is one love all, never two.
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