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Gardening in Paradise

A Parable of the seed taken into gardening as poetry...
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We started with a seed,
To hopefully succeed,
And carry on our creed.
Slowly the roots,
Start to grow,
In different ways;
Many strays,
Nothing much we can do,
Yet go ahead and live it through.
May seem hard at the time,
Oh how it feels a crime;
Don't go getting all upset,
One day their bell will chime.
Karma is set,
It doesn't forget;
Everyone serves their time.
Don't go and fret,
Nether really forget,
That will then make it set.
Instead learn to let go,
Let love really flow;
Than learn to hate so.
A plant shouldn't stop,
Our soul is the crop.
Learn to nurture,
Not torture;
Mend broken bits,
Fix it that's it.
This is the task,
This is where we fall;
We never really get through it all.
Many fall back,
Make that contract;
Fear on their back,
Can't stop their lack.
Help them recreate,
Before it's too late.
In a garden fresh and clean,
Where nothing is ever mean;
A place like a dream,
Where God does gleam.
New soil,
So there is no spoil,
Wherever toil,
Roots grow fresh,
Pain hurts us less.
In this Garden,
We have to share;
Not all burdens,
Are carried there.
The Gardener is here to give a hand;
Yet only truly when in demand,
Not at our command.
Only way we see God,
Is through each other,
So give each other a break;
Don't judge for goodness sake.
Judge ourselves,
Is all God asks;
Is that really such a hard task.
Give each other,
Like sister and brother;
Doesn't matter what the creed,
All are now with God indeed.
Don't let others stop and fall;
Because the weight is too much,
From leaning on a crutch,
Soon we loose touch,
Slowly they fall back,
In to the clutch.
So keep up with the task at hand,
Try and do what God has planned.
Instead of try to choose our own path,
Which really does make Oneness laugh.
Only Oneness helps our ways!
If life gives syncs;
Follow quickly,
Instead of leave someone sickly.
Hit a brick,
Don't we see that is it?
That's the bit;
Show some light,
Get it right.
It's just the hurt,
The entire plight,
No one really wants to fight.
Show some love,
And all as one,
We may grow strong.
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