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Why Competing Against others is so Wrong to Begin with

With many unhappy and depressed in a world they can't fix alone, they strive for a form of acceptance by being better then the rest; at least this is what we have been taught to do by Babylon.
Now with many people slowly banning sports days in schools, due to this mix up, maybe a better look at the problem to begin with would help us….

You see it came to my attention how bad it was or could be, when one day whilst I was sitting practising my guitar, someone mentioned how the best way to learn and for me (as they had done), would be to find someone with similar talent as my self, and then we could compete too see who could pull off the rift first?
Then as one learnt something, the other could compare, to see if they could do equal and better; and then to get my own back, for them being better and having taught us in a rift in the first place.
I didn’t say much at the time, yet still feel how wrong that approach is to everything in this life and especially the next.

You see while you are striving to see what another can do, this is not you, and not what you can do…and maybe where this person, still goes wrong…As for instances in this situation, there are many styles of playing a guitar; some people say just one and you must be trained classically…well that doesn’t say much, when some of the worlds best recognized musicians, play a more free handed style…

So it isn’t ever about copying, that makes you the best, and so striving to compete with someone else’s style to begin with, is always going to fall short; as you have your very own, that is unique and special to whom you are.
This especially applies within music and why it is an easier way to explain this…
As being a percussionist, there are many times I have walked around with a big drum in my hands in parties and even along the street in-between them…well on these journeys many ask to play, some never having played a drum; yet feel a drum should be hit and so I always give them a go…
The reason is this…each and every person has their own automatic rhythm from the moment they do are born…
They walk to it, breathe to it and live by it, well that is their rhythm of life…mine is acquired…not through hearing theirs alone, yet an accumulation of every rhythm I have ever heard or felt in my life times, being brought up with a wide range of musical styles by the people around me….
So what would be the point of then, after the person has played then showing them what I can do….as I know my self, and when I do play half the time I embarrass them from the level they are at….in fact half the time, I hope they don’t ask me to play…to be polite…or play a very quick rhythm giving a hi-light of what can be done…
Yet even on that then they ask, how to do it rather then shoving my own lack of self confidence and proving I am better then they are. Just to prove to some person on the street, who isn’t competing and where this goes wrong in society to begin; as it is the feeling of lack people try to fill with each others attention…I play the drum for God and me, so how can they compete?

So that is the point, if each is going to be inherently different from the beginning, and something many get wrong, as no one is the same as the parents! it is an out right mis-conception…yes the flesh may look a bit like them; yet the spirit has it’s own very unique rhythm and that comes from God…

Me and my family for instance: all play differently, all brought up with similar music at the same times, yet different time frames and completely different people..
This is due to that the spirit comes from God, or the energy of the universe, as a character is an expression and this can not die as that is a form of energy in its self….well if it accepts that….

So maybe that leads on to the point of acceptance…it is not to be better them, yet aim for where they are; see it as the target in Zen archery and let your path walk straight from the directions you see, yet with your eyes almost closed, from having seen the exact path…

Like In a race some people may just be designed to do long distance faster; while others short…yet who is to tell, it is the spirit that makes the difference…

As it is the spirit that believes it will win and can go faster, that achieves you to win, with out looking back, to just to believe it for a second…yet with no hope of spirit and the need of a crutch i.e. that you use someone else as your own blue print for running, doesn’t work.

As if you define you are them and that is you, what if they can do what you can’t or the other way around; you can do what they can’t…
Like saying you have friends in the race, and you know you could win the race, as you have always been able to run fast…yet they have asthma…well where do you base your assumptions on; they who are your friends or the more athletic amongst the runners.
Depends whom you make your role models to begin with…

Well in this case, we chose friends and talked instead of concentrating on running; as that was a more important win in my eyes at the time.
Also with this previous misconception of that is who I was, as society had made me that way…so went extra slow and not a winner in such a race…so that was how it was played…

Until I realized the competition wasn’t about them to begin with, it was about me, as later showed in bowling which having gone on numerous occasions with my dad, I beat most by miles….

Yet not to show off; just there is a point in my eyes to knocking over the skittles, with nice slippers on in with comfy chair, yet not running around a race track like a horse in the freezing cold with hardly any clothing, is not my idea of fun.

You see in the bowling there are again many styles and have seen some very good players who can spin a ball across the aisle, yet that doesn’t mean they are going to hit the target spot on.

You can do this in any part of life and currently after seeing this al-Bundy the acoustic genius on a guitar.
This impressed this fact on me of that things can be done in many different ways and achieve a lot better results.
If you put your heart and spirit into something.
Like Jimmy Hendrix was in many ways and now Mr Bundy also; he doesn’t hold it straight plays from the fret board and almost plays it like a double bass…really is something else to watch….
Now I have seen this I will acquire that you can do that, yet to create completely what he has done would ruin the style of playing I already have.
An on many occasions the movements would need to be modified, for the shape of my hand; compared to his and there we go.
Before I have even started to think about picking up the guitar and expressing me; it is a mix up of emotions and ideas, that then distract from the end result.
So it is like in any Zen Archery it is the understanding of any task in full before hand, watch the video, see it understand it, then let it go, let go of all thought and feeling.
As in trying to much you will spoil it, and in not at all you will never see If you can do it…
The things with Zen archery that is not often related is that it is the point of letting Go that achieves the target what ever it is…

As with full knowledge of the guitar and then closing your eyes and not looking not concentrating just feeling, the true musician shines.
The runner wins the race, and the skittles are knocked down, yet that will take years of practise as you need to first understand from every angle what it is you are dealing with and relate to that be it, understand the movement of energies passed between it and you.
Then let go and trust God and faith, don’t think as the moment you do to much especially on percussion at any party with fast music, you make mistakes…
As that moment of thinking goes where the rhythm used to be and the fluidity is lost for an instance.
Same with archery, if at the moment of release you are worrying if all the straps and hand movements are correct to what you have been shown, you won’t hit anything or more likely hit your arm with the bow string as you release.
Yet in setting everything placing everything taking your time and analysing the situation then later it is just a fact of 1, 2, 3 and release as you know where and what is you are doing.
Yet pause as you release and you feel the pain of not doing it correctly, as the bow string catches you.
There is no pause in a stream and neither is there in mastering something, yet do that it is not about them.
The stream first flows until it becomes a river, and within the river it can loses its own balance of where it came from.
So again why understanding first of whom the stream is, will help people achieve what it is they can and can not do.
As don’t be one with loss, as if you have regrets having not done it and believe you could; then do it!
Don’t leave it, as they all add up and you end up with a life full of regrets and sorrows of things not done.
This isn’t good when you judge your self, when you die and many find it hard to see oneness as a target; when all they have left behind them is a case of fallen competitions.
That maybe was never their race as they weren’t designed to do that.
God makes each and everyone special and unique for a reason, so some have more talents then others, and some just chose to never use the one they have.
Yet when there is this fake sense of pride within people have this; this is what is labelled Babylon, as it is a false sense of greed, as all that remains after you are gone is memories.
We can never achieve oneness when we don’t live it, there is no second chances to give instead of take.

Then don’t copy the styles learn from them, there is always someone better around the corner…Mr Bundy properly aspires to be the greatest at music, not what other do….else he would play like every body else and we wouldn’t have the opportunity to hear his unique style of playing….

Also with in our race, if everyone was looking behind them to see who else was in front and behind, the race would be far slower…

If you watch a race, they are switch off; almost like race horses with blinkers on…it’s the finish line or else… they know well that those on either side of them are like race horse also, and just ready to let go….

Do they think “wonder if they are better, then me”?

Do they have time to think it, no not really and it is that moment of thinking about it, that would have lost them the race.
As it is the moment of looking behind, that loses the pace of the last rhythm and you fall over your own step; so losing with that lost moment…

You can see this in any performance, there will be there those who wish any artist better then them self to fall over, and just say the artist catches it….

Now if the artist’s focus is on how they use to be alright with practising against friends, yet then live with a new audience…they are now unsure… this is where spirit and faith shine or don’t.
They are now at this cross roads, which many just make a mess of, as we see on shows like pop idol; where it is bent on competition to begin with and the objective of viewing for many…

Thing is people like it, and so we ban sports days….

You see, where it shows with in society as it becomes more corrupt from this form of said competition, as where does it end or lead to for our children?
You see pop idol doesn’t find artist they were artist to begin with.
This is just away to capitalise and in the process lower the standard of the music industry, by promoting competition where music is about unity in any person languages.

This same applies with a lot of modern corporations or near corporate business, not for the sake of it’s and peoples well being, yet for the sake of its own profits and in the long run producing the opposite effect.

As stress and depression are now becoming an epidemic, with people feel inadequate and unsuitable, as what do they have to achieve? This pipe dream that doesn’t work…

Yet you end up with the rich flash executive with all the money, and yet isolate in the life’s from being alienated as many films are now trying to show us.

We end with a musician who can’t do what they started it all for i.e. the love of music and to be with people, and to be loved….
Who now can’t show the faces in public as the competition has grown and now people find it entertaining to read about artists misfortunes; there is something very wrong in this.

As long with any form of competition there is of course bitterness of the other prospective runners up…who now have been made to feel down trodden by the powers that be; to accumulate more growth of the company and finally for what…

For a society who slowly is becoming more and more dysfunctional, where people will do anything to be head of the game…

Yet for many it ends up they can’t win and so become unhappy…

Well to begin the best way to fix this is, is to realize in all, you do not compare as it is the start of disease and from there leads Depression, stress, anxiety…ECT

As if you forget to think how much you equate to another person you see, yet instead learn from them and believe one day you will do that and then maybe you will, yet you will not be them and they still are on their own path growing also.
So with enough practise and dedication of your own…and learning off as many people as possible; as no single person knows everything, only God does.

As often if you are not dogmatic in your approach, you will find better or faster ways that others haven’t though of, or maybe accumulate ideas to achieve said goals.
Yet this could have nothing to do with the original idea you perceived someone else do…

As that way, with this in mind you will find a way to do it! while you strive for what they have, you will always fall short…why the Bible made it the 10th commandment…Not to desire!

So understand this isn’t heaven here, there are no perfect people; yet all fall short in some way else they wouldn’t be here, they would be sitting in heaven…relaxing from retiring and getting it right.

Its one love and that means letting go of dogma, as that is a form of competition; especially in regards to religions, as many use their books as weapons; not of God’s; yet of whom knows the most and so over shadowing the purpose of any of the books to begin with…

By doing so, it just aggravates people, when in competition as they hear it, as so many witness on a Sunday, how many they brought to Christ?

God brings people to Oneness, you were just the messenger and at best a servant, any more then that and you rise your self up above Christ was and so making all null an void.
Yet how may do?…you see how nice a Christian perceives them self to be in many cases of being the most righteous and self giving…in fact doing the opposite for many, by the over giving the person is left feeling in adequate and unsure of why they are not the same also…
People can’t help wanting to competing its natural, people cant help wanting more, the thing I think all of this is trying to say is let God direct that…from the moment you were born you had talents, you never need to learn how to become extra talented at some skills…it is there to begin… Finding these and learning about you is the best anyone can do…and what life is here for…not to see if you can beat the next person…as when they stop, you fall; or if they run, you chase…be you and be the best that you can be.

Each and ever person is special and unique each has there own very special rhythm even their own step, so don’t let your lacks hold others back also, by trying to be above them…

If someone holds that they are in some ways better then you are, don’t sit there pondering how to beat them, give in to them, let it go and find your own way…

As the moment you let go of what ever it is, you see again see it clearly.
while you hang on to a pre-conceived ideas of what must be, it isn’t right…

It's you and only you can do it, learn from all, yet take nothing, just give to all and in that, you treat others as you wish to be treated…

As in what way do you want someone to say, I can do that better then you can, they don’t and never will! Even if they might admit to it at the time out of respect later they will regret, as competition in its self is also a control drama many use…really each believe and strives to be the best they can be…the moment of unhappiness is the comparisons…
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