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People are not Objects

With Industries Exploiting Human Sexuality for more Profit, we need to Recognize as Spiritual Beings it's not Real.
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Taught to idolize,
From the start a compromise,
When will we realize,
What it implies;
To womanize,
From many lies.
Attraction applies,
Yet not to sympathize,
Not even to familiarize;
Yet only to mechanize,
Like something demonized.
Not to comprehend their compassion;
Yet only seeking passion.
Instead of like Butterflies,
Dancing to scrutinize,
Never touching to hypnotize;
Instead we terrorize,
And neutralize anything personalized.
So let's rationalize,
No longer to be categorized;
Because of it all being capitalized,
Continually being visualized,
To sell more merchandize.
So let's theorize,
How we can harmonize,
And humanize.
As a child looks in pure delight,
Let's look within to find the light.
Rather than to obscure,
Because of thoughts impure;
Placing careful lures,
To systematically procure,
A person like a whore.
Instead of something sure,
Like their demure;
We've been taught to adore,
Only their contour,
Like trained in the brochure.
Refined as an epicure;
Rather than to look for something more secure,
That will endure.
Instead like flies to manure,
A backside is endeared,
Because of the way we're reared;
Which is rather weird,
When you realize it's where the craps cleared.
Boobs feed babies;
Not why we should like ladies.
Where as they are something maternal,
Instead of leading to infernal,
Because they're external;
Instead look for eternal,
Within the same kernel.
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