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This is a parable explained in dimensions, as to make sure you are inline with Oneness each day.
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Now that means so much, it is hard to see, it is written in dimensions and as such here is what it means.
1st every morning you need to meditate, which is time and space being (4).
This is to remove (1) being (I am) each and every morning to be able to see (2), which is there is no image of God, whilst (I am) remains you will see God as singular and not everything being oneness.
So when that is seen then you will possibly understand that all infinity (8) is laid out for you already, so then to move past that and create your own fate (8), you need to know the mustard seed (13) and expand your mind out of the box of pre-conditioned learning.
So (10) means to be free of desires and you never fully see infinity (8), whilst you desire (10) it for your self.
The reason we wrote this is after finding we missed meditation this morning and to accept the dimensions, we live in first, it allowed (I am) to rule me.
This created the wrong sort of fate and due to my own (I am) anger, I just stabbed my self in the back by accident for real and also hurt our self a few other times, before realizing what we had missed.
So really this is pain full, yet in it we are glad we did, else we may have continued all day with past angers and emotions being brought up by others, who continuously live in their past emotions as that is preconditioned society.
So unless you look at infinity with out greed and desire; then we get no where and as most of you will claim heaven as your own or that you are right in the eyes of God this is clearly desire.
Now to add at the end is to sing as (3) is all sound is God, so if in all action we sing from our souls then it helps to remove the EGO (1) (I am) and also the desires (10) of infinity (8) as you are already apart of it to exist at this present moment.
The second you are not here, is when you can claim you are right in the eyes of God. Until then you are a waiting a judgmental day, as how you judge, is what you will be judged by and so many just stay in Sheol = Soil = hell, after this point from spending their whole life's convicting others and not themselves even until death, until they finally learn to say sorry.
As soon as it was realized in my self, what (I) had done wrong, we apologized to oneness and still we will feel bad, for not remembering God 1st and ourselves second.
Yet in disciplining our self, we shall not forget next morning and if we do, we will hurt our selves by so called accidents.
Accidents happen when you are not concentrating on what is going on around you, yet how can you if all is God and you forgot that to begin?
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